Dogma obstructs power of clear thinking

Editor,This is in reaction to the story, “Rising atheism among Genocide survivors”, (The New Times, March 4).


This is in reaction to the story, “Rising atheism among Genocide survivors”, (The New Times, March 4).

To most people, religion and its rituals and promises of a better tomorrow are nothing but a sort of escapism from the harshness of today’s life. But so also can atheism, when it is nothing other than a reactive reflex against one’s unhappy experience with organised religions.

In the end, whether one is a theist or an atheist, religious or agnostic, the most important thing is the human values that guide the way we interact with other human beings and other living creatures with whom we share a crowded universe.

And in my experience, no religion, race, or culture has a monopoly on goodness or evil. If you must, judge everyone as an individual, not as a member of any given tribe, class, religion or nation.

But above all, eschew all dogma; it obstructs your power of clear thinking.

Mwene Kalinda
, Kigali


Religion, especially Catholicism, is the single most important cause of human suffering and misery in history. If you want enlightenment, read Christopher Hitchens book “God is Not Great”.

You are in church making all silly body signs hoping that the mysterious boogeyman creature in the sky will have mercy on you. I really feel pity for the wretched masses who trek every weekend to churches and mosques. Proud to be agnostic/atheist.

Gatera, Kigali


So where is your proof that atheism is rising amongst Genocide survivors. Firstly, you are talking about the Catholic church and not Christians, secondly Atheism is a religion and the reason that the religion option is on a medical form is not because you have to have one. It is because the hospital tries to respect your religion, if you have one.

Also, you are picking bits out of the Bible and using them to slate God. Do you even read the rest of it? You know the bit which is called the New Testament about where Jesus sacrificed his life down for you?

Atheism is a growing disease. It is for people who are angry and canot explain anything but want to blame it on God. If you really look, then you will find that you probably chose not to talk to God about it first.

Simon Ross, Kigali

Reactions to the story, “, “Rising atheism among Genocide survivors”, (The New Times, March 3).

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