Residents blast Germany, France over Kabuye arrest

MUSANZE/GICUMBI — The Northern Province residents have reacted angrily to the arrest in Germany, of President Paul Kagame’s aide, Rose Kabuye.

MUSANZE/GICUMBI — The Northern Province residents have reacted angrily to the arrest in Germany, of President Paul Kagame’s aide, Rose Kabuye.

Thousands of residents from across the province, on Wednesday took to the streets of Musanze and Gicumbi districts, to protest the arrest. They said the arrest was testimony of the European nations’ arrogance.

Kabuye, the Director of State Protocol, was arrested last Sunday in the German city of Frankfurt, while on state duty.

The arrest was based on the contested indictments issued in 2006 by the French Judge, Jean Louis Bruguiere, against nine senior Rwanda Government officials.

In Musanze, the protestors carrying placards, chanted anti-European slogans and called for the arrest of Genocide fugitives- who are still hiding in France and Germany.

“It’s a shame upon the German government to arrest a Rwandan woman who stopped genocide while at the same time favouring those who committed genocide and their supporters,’’ the area governor, Boniface Rucagu said.

The protestors described the arrest, as a continuation of the conspiracy by the French government, to cover up their role in the Tutsi Genocide.

“Free Rose Kabuye and arrest the genocidaires, she must be delivered now,’’ shouted the demonstrators.

Rucagu, explained that the protest was an expression of sorrow caused by the German government and France- for plotting to create disorder in Rwanda, through manipulation of the justice system.

“We support our President, national army, and all governments behind the fight against genocide and its ideology. At the same time we condemn all those doing the contrary,’’ Rucagu added.

On reports that the government is set to indict 23 French senior officials who were implicated by the Mucyo Commission, the residents expressed their support and pledged to fight any form of violence against Rwanda. 

Meanwhile, in Gicumbi district, the protestors from Rukomo, Gatuna, Gaseke, Nkondole and Maya trading centres, started demonstrating at 9.00 am- demanding the immediate release of Kabuye.

Carrying placards denouncing Genocide deniers, the residents castigated the German and the French governments for giving perpetrators of 1994 Genocide of the Tutsi sanctuary.

“We want Rose Kabuye released. Shame upon genocide perpetrators, shame upon Genocide deniers,” chanted the marchers as they marched through Byumba town to Rukomo trading centre.

The district Mayor, Bonane Nyangezi, described the arrest ‘as the continued bullying’ of Rwandans by France and Germany. He said they are out to confuse the world on the true facts surrounding the Rwandan Genocide.

“These powerful nations want to silence Rwanda, so as to conceal the truth about France’s role in the Genocide,” said Nyangezi. 

The protesters sang liberation songs and hailed the then Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) for their heroic struggle to stop the Genocide.

They further called upon the entire world to disregard the contested indictments issued by Bruguiere, saying the indictments were politically motivated.

“The French have no evidence against the nine Rwandan Government officials, which is why they have resorted to intimidation as a way of masking their role in the Genocide,” said one protester.

The indictments are said to have been issued without hearing from the persons allegedly implicated. They accused the nine officers of having played a role in the shooting down of the plane that was carrying former President Juvenal Habyarimana.


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