Respect children’s rights, Minister advises


The Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Valerie Nyirahabineza has called for collective efforts in safeguarding children’s rights.
Nyirahabineza made the call last Friday while officiating at the celebrations to mark African Child Day at Nyondo Sector in Rubavu District.
She said: “This day was set up by 174 countries also member states of the United Nations after seeing that children’s rights were not respected in most African countries. “It should therefore act as a reminder and be considered a special day for new resolutions for protecting and safeguarding children from all sorts of abuses.”
She hailed Rubavu district authorities for their effort in stopping girl-child trafficking to the UN forces that operated in Democratic Republic of Congo. She disclosed that it was one of the reasons why the district was chosen to host the African Child Day’s national celebrations.
The mayor of Rubavu district, Ramadan Baringayabo said that a lot had been done to protect children’s rights through seminars and trainings the police, local leaders, military officers and parents.