On its third day of campaigns; FPR at ULK’s grounds, Gasabo District

Telling by the crowds, it seems that no one was left home to miss the Rwanda Patriotic Front (FPR) campaign rally that was held at Ulk’s stadium, last Saturday.
RPF supporters on way to rally.
RPF supporters on way to rally.

Telling by the crowds, it seems that no one was left home to miss the Rwanda Patriotic Front (FPR) campaign rally that was held at Ulk’s stadium, last Saturday.

Running, shouting and singing FPR chorus songs that praised its decade long achievements, the crowd headed to the stadium where they waited for the RPF guests to address them.

Among the guests, was the Mayor of Gasabo district, Cholodine Nyinawagaga, Dismus Mukeshabatwari and Senator Barinda Rwigamba who was the RPF’s main speaker.

To the crowd the Mayor of Gasabo district Nyinawagaga shouted FPR praises; “FPR Oyee!”

“Had you ever seen any constitution before where women are recognized like they are today? Had you ever seen a Mayor woman in your history before the FPR came to power?” She asked the enchanted crowd. The female mayor, in a loud appreciative voice, celebrated the RPF achievements on women’s empowerment.

“RPF Oyee…” and a roar “Oyee…Oyee…Oyee” from the crowd of hundreds of RPF supporters.

“This is a party that is organized with a good program, that caters for every Rwandan and there should be every reason to support this party,” the politicians canvassed for votes.

With the revolutionary songs, ‘tuzarwubaka RPF’, meaning together we will build our nation, and citing phrases ‘Umusingi w'Ubumwe’, ‘demokarasi n'Amajyambere’, meaning (the foundation of Unity, Democracy, and Development) as their slogan.

Mukeshabatware, popular for his advertising language with Orinfor, then appears, invoking a loud shout from the audience. He urges eligible voters above 18 years to vote for the RPF Inkotanyi, for all its achievements and future ones too.

Senator Rwigamba who was the main speaker appeared amidst a song ‘itsinz’i revealing surety of winning the vote for FPR supporters.

“I came here to campaign for the RPF. I think there is too much happiness when ever RPF supporters meet, and I can see it in you.”

“I am here to highlight what the RPF has done for people and why you should stand to support it,” said Rwigamba.

“Starting with good leadership that is characterized by unity among Rwandans, democracy and development,” everyone roared.

“Yes, ours is a folded hand which signifies that unity democracy and development are combined in one hand that will deliver. There are other closed hands with other meanings but ours means that.”

Senator Rwigamba said that the RPF has brought leadership closer to every one at the district levels and imidugudu levels, where most of the problems are solved from.

President Paul Kagame, who is also RPF chairman, has won more than four internationally recognized awards for his out standing leadership skills, an indicator for good governance.

Rwigamba also highlighted national security as a major RPF achievement; “today every one is free to move at any time of the day or night without any disturbances. This is because of the security that is guaranteed from our national army and police.

He said that Rwanda has received many tourists who are assured of security and move in all parts of the country without any fear. Security has also attracted huge national investments.

Rwigamba said that to fight divisions in Rwanda the RPF established a commission responsible for that - it aims at promoting unity and equality of all Rwandans.

Rwigamba cited development as another RPF achievement brought to the Rwandan people. Citing microfinance institutions; cooperatives that are supported by the government, and other projects such as Gira Inka, which aim to uplift the Rwandan livelihoods. 

“FPR has worked on roads to enable movements of people and goods to different places. These roads among others include the road that stretches from Kicukiro to the boarder of Rwanda and Burundi, Giporoso- Kabeza road and Nyarutarama road.”

Safe water is also among what Rugamba cited as FPR’s achievement arguing that 70% of Rwandans now access safe water for use.

“Education that allows every child to access free education, and a plan for secondary free education that is in pipeline is all what FPR does.”

“We hope a 100% of primary going children by 2015 compared to 95% that is on record now.”

Rwigamba said that it’s FPR that has caused increase in number of universities to meet the rising number of students from secondary, giving examples of the KIST, KHI, KIE, and SFB institutions.

“One is required to only pay 100frw for a whole year and will be freely treated. If given a receipt from the doctor he only meets 15% of the bill and the rest is met by the government.”

Rwigamba appealed to the hundreds of people gathered take heed of these achievements and vote for the RPF. He named the four pillars of the RPF; good leadership, development, good standards of living and justice for all.

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