2012 – An End to the 2012 ‘End of Times’ Phenomenon?

While the year 2012 began with renewed aspirations for many, for some, it is with morbid dread that this year has begun.
Diana Mpyisi
Diana Mpyisi

While the year 2012 began with renewed aspirations for many, for some, it is with morbid dread that this year has begun. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the rumours abounding global media and social networks that 2012 is when the world will end. This hype is bigger than that of Y2K and as early as 2007, thousands of people around the world have been preparing for an earth shattering apocalypse that will occur this year; investing in underground shelters, canned food and a host of other items reminiscent of a scene from the movie ‘The Road’.
Hyperbole, you may say, but the eschatology of 2012 as the year the world will end are based on various historical beliefs, most prominent being interpretations of the Maya cyclical calendars, the longest of which last renewed itself approximately 5,125 years ago and is set to end again, supposedly with catastrophic consequences, on December 21st, 2012. Various scenarios of this global catastrophe include a reversal of the south and north poles, earthquakes, meltdown of nuclear reactors, massive tidal waves and volcanic eruptions with a cloud of volcanic dust will block out the sun for 40 years. In short, unless you have a sophisticated bunker that can withstand all of this, you are part of significant portion of humanity that will be wiped out come December 2012.
Having closely followed the 2012 phenomenon for the last two years, I have to admit that what I previously laughed my head off at has gradually piqued my interest most especially last year, based on observable world trends ranging from the nuclear and meteorological disasters in Japan, the hurricanes that have a penchant for US soil, the tidal waves that have destroyed large parts of South East Asia and an earthquake that more or less completely destroyed a country – Haiti. One question I kept on asking myself was, where does Africa fit into all of this? There are descriptions of how whole countries will be destroyed, but they are all in Europe, North America and across Asia. As is always the case, Africa remains under the radar, ironically even in such a catastrophic prediction.
It was therefore a combination of hilarity and amazement to discover that survivors of the West and Asia who await an apocalypse on 21st December 2012, have identified the African continent as their new home. There is more grain in Africa, and the continent will not be submerged in water as a result of the polar shift set to take place this year. This, and a host of other explanations which are as inconsistent as they are fascinating.
As with all conspiracy theories, the loopholes are more than the logic, but the fantastic nature of such theories is what garners worldwide attention. I don’t know what is more alarming though – that people actually follow and pay attention to this global prediction, or that this global prediction is actually close to its sell-by date. I guess we will have to wait for 21st December 2012 to see, sophisticated bunker identified or not.

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