Remembering the 1994 Tutsi Genocide

It is now 14 years since the world witnessed with horror one of the biggest genocide in the history of mankind. Over one million Tutsi and moderate Hutus were erased on the world map of the living humanity in less than four months.

It is now 14 years since the world witnessed with horror one of the biggest genocide in the history of mankind. Over one million Tutsi and moderate Hutus were erased on the world map of the living humanity in less than four months.

It started with the death of first ever Woman prime Minister of Rwanda Madam Agatha Uwilingiyimana, and then to massive slaughter of innocent human creatures of God.

This grave genocide was committed in the presence of UN peacekeepers, which seemed to be toothless then, because of ts rigid principle. It is so disheartening to see that the UN could not stop the Genocide.

Yet, even a kid would see that the interehamwes were busy slaughtering people but the adults of UN could not see it. I think by then the word genocide could not be figured anywhere in their vocabulary.

They chose to call it civil war and therefore UN could not interfere in the domestic/internal politics or matters of Rwanda as it is stipulated in the principles of UN Charter. They wanted to convice the world why they could not send peace keepers.

UN as a body that was started to bring and maintain peace in the world and the observation of human rights, failed to act in the face of indisputable evidences of genocide. The time Rwanda needed them more is the same time orders to evacuate all the peacekeepers came.

This meant that the victims of genocide were to be abandoned and left to face the death fate. I know this is the hardest period for all Rwandans as we remember our dear ones, who perished in the 1994 Tutsi genocide.

I know some people may think that the yesterday killers have nothing hard in this period but I believe where ever they are whether in the country or outside, in prisons or free, they must be haunted by the event especially the testimonies, songs etc that reminds them the horrors they committed and I am persuaded to think that within themselves they regret what they did.

Yes I know you may have questions like why portion blames at this time and I am sure this may not be the right time, but again it is the time to remember and when remembering we not only focus on those who died but also how they died, who killed them and etc. We actually remember everything such as the role of UN, French, the liberator RPF plus other direct or indirect actors in the 1994 genocide.

It is the time to think of our purpose as survivors, Rwandans who came from different parts of the world and those who were in the country before to form the current Political and geographical Rwanda.

Think about the reasons why you were created and why you survived. I think there is no coincidence why this year mourning comes when all Christians in Rwanda are in 40 days of purpose.

During this period Christians are requested to read one chapter of Purpose Driven Life book by Pastor Rick Warren each day and to have one small group discussion called cells in a week. 

I would encourage all Rwandans to participate in these 40 days of purpose as we mourn and remember our dear one, so that we could get hope in life.

Who knows one day we will meet with our dear one in heaven and tell them that we fulfilled that purpose that God created us for.

Dear friends this is the time to discover that you are alive not by accident. Your birth or survival is no mistake, God planned it that today as we mourn you will be breathing and reading this.

It is not you who chose your color, race, skin, tribe, parents or country. It is God who planned it that way and He had a reason and good purpose for you.

Be encouraged that whether you are a Tutsi or Hutu or Twa God made you that for a reason and this reason is nothing more than to love each other, for God is love.

We are meant to supplement each other as one body of Christ. When a Hutu kills or hates his Tutsi brother, he is actually killing his one part of the body.

I don’t think the world can function perfectly when one group of the community is wiped out, like the body can not function well when one part, let say arms, are off. So as Rwandans we need to put ourselves together in this period and also think of our future.

On Monday evening we had a service at a local church called New Life Bible church to pray for survivors and the country in general, I was challenged by one survivor who stood up to encourage us.

She spoke with boldness on how God new each and every one during the genocide and that He is angeredwhenever the genocidaires killed people. Her testimony on how some of her family members survived encouraged all of us and gave us a hope in life.

She also said that during this time it is not good to tell people to forget and stop crying. When they cry and tell their stories they get relieved and encouraged to face life ahead of them. As they tell their stories we need to support them with encouraging words.

Feed those who don’t have food to them, and show them that there is purpose in life. The Church as a body of Christgives us an opportunity.

Reconciliation and forgiveness at this time is crucial and important but  at the same time is a painful and costly process which again requires time, patience and moral compromise but a project worth investing in.

We need to give support, courage, love and encouragement to genocide survivors and to all Rwandans. It is very hard to reconcile when one has no food, shelter, education and good health.

It is my wish that UN and the International Community supports Rwanda. But we are surely disappointed in this regard because some members of the international community continue to evoke our anger through baseless allegations like those of Italian Judge and the French judge.

The world should recognize and acknowledge what Rwandan went through and stop acts that add an insult to an injury.

In Rwanda, as we mourn our sisters, brothers, parents and relatives let us continue to preach the gospel of ‘Genocide Never Again’, Above all we need cooperation of all Rwandese whether living in Rwanda or in Diaspora, help the survivors to live a decent life that will make them forget what they went through so that they can forgive and reconcile with all actors in 19994 genocide.

Let us come strongly against genocide ideology in our homes, schools and the whole Rwandan community. This may not be an overnight dream  and may take time because even the history that culminated into the 1994 genocide started as early as 1956. It took time and commitment to preach the Genocide ideology. We need some kind of patience and commitment to uproot this dreadful disease in the minds of Rwandans.

Let us know that there is a purpose why what happened in Rwanda happened. We never chose to be Rwandan or to be Tusti or Hutu it is an issue beyond our control. God Himself never said (according to Bible) that I created you Hutu and Tusti and so Hutu should live to hate Tutsi and vice versa. He clearly commanded us to love one another and more big to love our enemies. That is the purpose
God bless Rwanda.


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