Artists vehemently castigate genocide ideology

Yesterday Rwandans ended a 7-day commemoration of the 1994 Genocide.

Yesterday Rwandans ended a 7-day commemoration of the 1994 Genocide.

Amidst constant sadness and unending grief, efforts have been made to promote unity and reconciliation after the horrifying tragedy in the darkest 100 days of the country’s history.

Our celebrated local artists shared their experiences, lessons, steps and strategies towards sustaining peace, unity and reconciliation.

Erick Sendeli


















The hatred that Rwandans have lived with should end and it’s a responsibility for all of us.

The problem is that we are still not open to each other as it should be. Hypocrisy is too much.

Miss Jojo
















It is only when we come to understand that love is vital, that peace shall prevail. And we shall then be one. I lost my mom but I find it normal to forgive.

Rafiki Mazimpaka















Every time sad memories come back, tears feel my eyes and my heart sinks in ache.

I wish it would never happen again.

Aimable Kubana













The untold suffering that we went through has eventually become a lesson for me, that man is just wild.

The fact that it happened does not mean that we stay in grief and segregation. It should be put behind the back.

Mc Monday















If we begin by teaching love to our children, there is no doubt that peace will be there even in the future generation.

Yet if we under look the factual reasons that led to the genocide it will be had get over the trauma.

Doctor Claude

Our experiences during the genocide are different and therefore different consequences should be welcomed with concern.

Unity and reconciliation should prevail against all odds.


My personal experience in the dark 100 days is real shocking and every time I remember what happened, tears roll down my eyes.

It is shocking to see how people suffered at the hands of their own brothers and sisters. We need to work towards reconciliation more than we are doing.


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