A particular night on the scene at Sky

In downtown, at Sky Hotel, situated on Nyamirambo highway you will find several shows going on at night, especially over the weekends.
One of the girls performing at Sky Hotel
One of the girls performing at Sky Hotel

In downtown, at Sky Hotel, situated on Nyamirambo highway you will find several shows going on at night, especially over the weekends.

After the recently precluding of upscale nightspots, the likes of Fair Place and B-club, the management of Sky has been not frightened but rather confident and determined to compete with them at entertainment industry.

Probably the name gives a wrong description of the place, because Sky Hotel does not accommodate but is also entertains them with a variety of music and acts, such as karaoke, comedy and miming among other performances.

The gig starts as early as 7:00pm and attracts Kigali’s folks and foreigners of all races and colours.

Last Friday was my first time to visit the place. But what surprised me was, by 8:00pm the place was already filled with a sea of people but mostly men.

At exact 8:00pm, a group comprised of four boys and girls dragged themselves on the dance floor mysteriously, bopping dancehall songs. The mood of the audience changed, taking revelers crazy.

The performance that had some of the big hits on Rwanda’s radio waves, such as Wild 2nite, Dirty Dance, Cha Cha, Get Me, saw the group dancing as if they were in their own world where there was no one seeing them, thus giving the crowd the real thing.

The Karaoke staging started at exact 9:00pm, finding the entire wild and sweating but strangely waiting for the strip tease dance to feed their desirously eyes.

A group of girls staged and did the real thing. Dressed in bikini shorts and bras the group started with Christina Aguilera’s Dirty. True to what they were dancing too, they displayed Dirty strokes that left many men fantasizing.

From Dirty they continued to the strip song of the Pussy Cat Dolls, Buttons. It was time to mix-up and the boys stepped in and the group started dancing in pairs.

After the above songs, the gig crossed the border to neighbouring DR Congo. Starting with Koffi Olomide’s songs, the congregation was then taken back to the 90’s where the musician hit the prime lyrics.

Later, they performed two Reggaetone songs from the Puerto Rico duo of Wisin and Yandell. "IIame Pa Verte" was the first song to be mimed and the group danced it accordingly. Pulling rare strip dance strokes, the girls displayed what was mostly doubted about them and it was the same thing that happened when they danced to another song (Wisin and Yandell) "Rakata". Dancing like they were on a dancing competition, the combination of both girls and boys was well coordinated.

Still in Puerto Rico, they could not go without dancing to the King of Reggaetone Daddy Yankee’s songs. Starting with Gasolina, revelers started screaming and begging for more from the girls who couldn’t spare anyone.

Romp was the next to be mimed. Together with the members of the congregation, they displayed what they are best at. Shaking what their mums gave them all the way down to the floor, tantalizing revellers.


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