Different personalities in Nyagatare:

The prominence or success of an area can not be attributed to one person.The New Times’ Godfrey Ntagungira brings you people’s views on different personalities in the district.

The prominence or success of an area can not be attributed to one person.The New Times’ Godfrey Ntagungira brings you people’s views on different personalities in the district.

During the survey, a number of people were picked randomly to tell our readers their most famous, loved or admired people in the district.

Robert Kashemeza

He is the district mayor. He’s a black skinned and handsome man, jovial and loves cattle, many say he hates liars.

Over 50 people described him as a man with high integrity whom they say there ready to vote back in office as their mayor for a second term.

They say that since he assumed office a lot has changed; that it was not a surprise the district scooped the national trophy in performance contracts 2007, which has since triggered stiff competition.

Grace (Sotra)

She works with Sotra tours and travel agency, she talks a lot which attracts a number of people to check at her office, about 40 interviewed described her as a jolly woman. She is a mentor especially to the youths.

Grace hates men who cheat on their wives as she’s always heard telling married men to avoid extramarital affairs.


Emmanuel Kalasi

He is the District Police Commander. He’s nonsense man, serious without cracking a smile; he hates people who are not precise.

Is tired of people trading in Kanyanga [local gin] and good in carrying out investigations, his ears are ever on the ground.

Maj. Gen. Fred Ibingira

He is a military man who respondents described as a man of the people, he cracks jokes with everyone who approaches him.

Respondents describe him as a man who is well conversant with Umutara grazing land; he plays a central role in solving land disputes in the area because he almost knows each and everyone who lives in the land of milk.

Geoffrey Mushaija

He is the executive secretary of Nyagatare sector. The man with Bakonyine [pastoral] character, he befriends anyone who owns a herd of cattle and livestock farmers describe him as a hardworking man.

He also hates liars. He is always talking about performance contracts whenever he meets more than two people. Others say he’s married to the most beautiful woman in the district.

Dr.Eugene Ndabaga   

He is the Vice Rector in charge of Academics at Umutara Polytechnic. He’s described as a man who doesn’t entertain lecturers and students who seem to forge sexual relationships. Ndabaga is seen as the most brilliant man in the district who speaks English with rare vocabulary without considering his audience’s level of education.

Sam Rubagumya

He’s among the best calculative businessmen the district. He does his calculations in a quiet and professional manner.

Mary (proprietor of Savannah Restaurant)

She is described as a mother of youths as she serves the best traditional dish at an affordable price. She’s a kind of woman who is outgoing even to strangers.

Francis Ndekezi  

He works as manager for Onatracom Bus Company in eastern province.

He speaks a lot and is romantic. He’s more loved in the far-off Kiyombe sector after introducing an Onatracom bus for the first time in the history of the area. He claims to be a born again Christian but uncertain because he also mixes Christianity with politics, people say he can make a good politician or a pastor. 

Emmanuel Muhigi (the proprietor of white bar and president of Asetamonya)

He is ever looking for business opportunities.

Darlain Abera    

She is a third year BCOM student at Umutara Polytechnic. She makes people laugh no matter in what mood they were. Abera owns a secretarial bureau and she gets clients because of her soft voice which attracts people and the way she selects words which are full of humor.

Francis Ngarambe

The proprietor of the biggest hotel in the land of milk, he drives in a Mercedes car.

He is described as an entrepreneur and main investor in the area in hotel industry.

Jean Nyirakimuzanye

What made her popular in Nyagatare is the way she talks to leaders with alot of confidence. Recently she received land under the land redistribution exercise, she was told to leave the town but she refused to go upcountry, saying she was born in town and is ready to die in town.

She is among the poorest people in town; she hardly survives on her own, mostly surviving on people she calls good Samaritans.


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