MTN cuts call tariffs by 60 percent

MTN Rwanda has cut call rates, some by up to 60 per cent making calls more affordable in East African region.

MTN Rwanda has cut call rates, some by up to 60 per cent making calls more affordable in East African region.

Local calls have been reduced by 35 per cent while international ones dropped to 60 per cent.

With the new rates, mobile phone users on pay go will now be charged Frw100 per unit from the pervious Frw147, during peak hours.

“The strategic decision we have taken is a direct demonstration of MTN’s commitment to extend the benefit of telecommunication to all citizens in support of the country’s Vision 2020,” said Themba Khumalo, chief executive officer-MTN Rwanda while announcing the new rates.

Reconstruction of the nation and its social capital is part of Vision 2020 pillar.

Others pillars include human resource development, with the aim of turning Rwanda into a prosperous knowledge-based economy and the development of basic infrastructure.
But players in the telecom business complain that doing telecommunication business in Rwanda is expensive, which pushes call tariffs higher to recouver costs.

“Where operators in neibouring countries invest in one base station, MTN Rwanda has to invest in five because of the terrain,” a player in telecom business said.
MTN management announced will invest to improve network coverage, new products and services to reduce call costs further.

The reduction comes in when speculations is rife that a third player in the telecommunication business is about to be licenced.

Local rates
On pay go, during off-peak hours, calls have reduced to Frw89 compared to the previous Frw125.

Per second billing rates during peak hours have reduced to Frw1.13 from Frw3.3 and off-peak costs are down to Frw1.87 from Frw2.83.

Business time rates during peak hours are Frw81 compared to the previous Frw114 and off-peak rates have been reduced to Frw62 from Frw87.

International rates
Call rates of Pay go, Business Time and flexi on MTN Uganda, Safaricom and Vodacom have been reduced to Frw139 from 220.
The per second rates have been reduced to Frw2.32 from Frw3.67.



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