When renegade Government officials become “Politicians” - PART IV

I have argued in these series various crimes committed by the renegade four, former senior officials in our country, pointing out why and how they fell out of the system/could no longer fit in the unfolding institutional dispensation in our country.

I have argued in these series various crimes committed by the renegade four, former senior officials in our country, pointing out why and how they fell out of the system/could no longer fit in the unfolding institutional dispensation in our country.

These renegades have used all sorts of dirty tricks and treacherous to advance their ‘cause’, one that is born out of their serious crimes they committed against the people of Rwanda, and not to The President, a diversionary approach they have tried to use in all their utterances. One thing is very clear.

Although all of them committed serious crimes, to which they certainly will be held to account, The President was not party to, nor did he influence their disastrous actions at all.

Thus, to try and blame him for their failures, is a serious dishonesty on their part, and diverting attention only for those few foreigners, (for most Rwandans know these characters pretty well) in a bid to gain credibility that they serious lost through their various criminal activities they committed while in office. They flee from themselves, and especially from their distorted egos, and did this after committing crimes most of which is treasonable.

The case of Kayumba who used highly opportunistic and manipulative methods that were characterized by extreme patronage and divisive military administration with a view of creating a power base that would eventually enable him to take power by force is well known.

The rage that has followed his fleeing the country can thus be attributed to the failed project, a ‘project’ that spelled disaster to a country that is yet to achieve its full normalcy. But this failed ‘project’ has earned him the wrath of Rwandans who knew its consequences, having come out of the ashes, some of which are still smoldering.

But the ‘project’ has now taken these renegades to the unholiest alliance any human being can ever  take, that is collaboration and association with FDLR, a terrorist group that, harbours unfinished business of genocide, and now rampant raping of women in DR Congo.

As pointed out earlier, this association is not recent. Karegeya who tipped Felicien Kabuga of his imminent arrest in Kenya (after this mastermind of genocide had paid the latter million of dollars) has been active with FDLR activists in Europe. That he organized for the flawed UN Report, one that had the most spurious conclusion any report could come up with given its spurious methodologies used, is on record.

And although a number of readers have had difficult to believe this hard evidence, facts are available to corroborate this scheme. What readers (through their numerous emails) have wondered is whether, parties to the arrest of Kabuga cannot question Karegeya for this horrendous act to the people of Rwanda that defies all imagination or logic (leading many to question his nationality).

In particular The US government which has been an active party to the arrest of Kabuga (like other genocide criminals) is certainly an interested party. Kenya which lost her people in this failed operation is also certainly another interested party.

Although these renegades are passing clouds loaded with empty rhetoric to a country that is seriously on the move, and to a people mobilized for the development through their socio-economic transformation, and resilient to all sorts of hazardous, for they have had the worst.

Nevertheless, Rwandans will pay any price to deter any body, or group that bears the hallmark of genocide or its intent, no matter who this is, and regardless of what it takes, least costs. The price was too high for the country, the rest can only be marginal.

Common Motives or Common Destiny:
Among the numerous  emails I have received commenting on the motive, and agenda of these renegade officials, a number of them have questioned what motive brought together these renegades and the FDLR individuals, and groups that harbor genocidal ideology, be there in the DR Congo forests or abroad, characters whose objectives would have otherwise been eternally parallel.

Those who question this association happen to do so in the extreme ignorance of the machination of these renegades. But one thing is clear. Rwandan systems do not at any point in time engage in political mudslinging for the sake of gaining political capital from any quarter, least from the weird renegades with known criminal and treasonable actions.

Mudslinging is not part of the country’s political ideology, and those who peddle the same (and are entitled to their view) do not change the facts on our political panorama. We have many of own who (as I pointed earlier) left senior government positions and are settled peace in our society.

But these are men and women who went to public service, to serve, and not to be served. Men and women who were aware that, at the end of their service (which is bound to come for anyone, anyway), there is another life to live, and live in their dignity, and in their country.

These are men and women with normal egos, egos to do common good rather than private good. They committed no crime during their term of office, and settled for private life, like it is the norm in civilized societies.

There are even others who committed crimes, for which they were punished, served their term, and after which they came out to settle in the society that fortunately rehabilitates its own, and fast. But these are men and women with normal egos.

These are men and women who are aware that this country is large and more important than individuals or a group of individuals. More importantly, these are men and women who knew very well that they were appointed to the senior positions they held, and that these were not hereditary.

They also knew that they are made who they are by the system that appointed them to the very positions they held, and also that they were as important as the system wanted them to be. They held no oversized/exaggerated egos akin to the renegades’

As for common objective thesis of renegades and FDLR criminals, one can draw some parallel. Genocide FDLR criminals committed heinous crimes against the people of Rwanda, and this will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

The long arm of the law will certainly catch up with them no matter what time it may take. Nazi genocidal criminals are tracked even at their last days, some at the age of 90s.

There is no exception. Genocide crimes have no time limitations like other crimes. The renegades, too, committed crimes which combined with oversized egos meant that, they eternally lost their countriness out of their actions that crossed the red line with regard to moral expectations of their country.

This is a case where a person’s moral account is heavily overdrawn that, his soul can lead him to do the unimaginable to his people, and his country. This is the point of convergence between the two otherwise parallel FDLR and renegades. This has created a common objective. But this also created a common destiny.

However, these renegades have openly confirmed their position in media, print, electronic, as well as radio interviews, be it on BBC or VOA, where they have stated clearly their support and association with these genocidal groups, which has enraged most Rwandans, and worst of all their (former) friends and associates.

All the four have given interviews and have stated their stand in support of genocide cause, and their open association with the genocidal groups. Of late Rudasingwa, a man with a bizarre personality defined by scam filled life, was at it again.

Last week, Monday, he was quoted by VOA defending Victoire Ingabire as ‘a freedom fighter’. One wonders whose freedom Rudasingwa had in mind. Rudasingwa did not flee the country after he fought for anyone’s freedom, except for his own private interest.

Ingabire faces serious charges of financing and aligning herself with terrorist groups including FDLR and CDC. The case is before the court of law. The same week Paul Rusesabagina a creation of Hollywood “hero”, out of financial gains of film industry, rather than what he did for genocide victims who had to pay him for their safety in Mille Colin hotel.

This same Rusesabigana calls Rudasingwa his colleague in his recent interview with BCC and VOA. This is the lowest this group has reached… people are known by their association…

Financing Terrorist Groups:
Rusesabagina is the same man who is now accused of financing terrorist groups, and worse still using US financing systems to do so. That he transferred money from San Antonio in US, to terrorist groups in DR Congo, has sent shivers to many who support US crusade against terrorism, that knows no boundaries.

We can only fight terrorism if the harm done to Americans is exactly seen in the same prism, easure and magnitude as the harm done to Ugandans, Kenyans, Tanzanians and others whom terrorists have targeted.

It should not be seen serious if terrorists target Americans, and less so if they target Africans. This would be a dangerous route. And so, when Martin Ngonga said that he requested information from American officials with regard to Rusesabagina’s financing of terrorist groups in Congo, one would have expected a swift move on the part of Americans, as they would expect the same cooperation from Rwanda.

These are not politics. For the moment we politicize terrorism, we shall only make terrorists stronger, and compromise vital coordination necessary to fight these international criminals. God forbid.

To be continued
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