Beware of witchcraft in churches, says city pastor

A senior pastor in Kigali has said that there is ‘unrealised’ witchcraft in churches today.

A senior pastor in Kigali has said that there is ‘unrealised’ witchcraft in churches today.

Jane Kanyange of Prayer Palace Church in Remera, a Kigali city suburb, says the presence of witchcraft in churches is tarnishing the society’s image.

“If you are influenced to think negatively, get depressed, get angered or manipulated in anyway and your situation gets worse with other negative vices in the church, then you are bewitched,” Kanyange said on Sunday.

She was teaching her congregation about different kinds of curses in the ongoing seminar at church premises.

She said that the Church today has some people identifying others basing on tribes or places of origin which encourages tribalism, divisionism and segregation among people.
She also believes that there is genocide ideology in some churches.

She said that the genocide ideology is among other natures of witchcraft that needs to be addressed like other ungodly behaviors in Rwanda today.

She warned her congregation who harbour such ideology to manipulate the innocent people genuinely seeking the Heavenly Father’s inspiration in the Church.

“It’s not time to think about where you originate from, or what tribe you are but time to focus on where we are going (Heaven),” she said in her teachings about curses.
The session attracted hundreds believers including non-Christians.

By human nature, Kanyange said, it is possible for people to be in churches physically but when in their hearts are busy plotting evil against someone.

“If they opened our hearts now probably many of us can end up in prison,” she said.
Kanyange is an upcoming preacher of realities and holds a healing ministry pursuing total transformation of the society. She has been in Christian fraternity for over 20 years. She has led Prayer Palace Church for the last four years.


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