What are your New Year's resolutions?

IT is that time of the year to reflect on whether you achieved the resolutions you made at the beginning of 2017 as it comes to a close.

IT is that time of the year to reflect on whether you achieved the resolutions you made at the beginning of 2017 as it comes to a close. It is also the ideal time to set new resolutions to achieve in the New Year 2018. You can opt to carry forward some of the resolutions from the previous year or set new ones. New Year’s resolutions can be anything from personal, health, religious, family, career to institutional goals! Society Magazine’s Donah Mbabazi talked to a cross-section of people about their resolutions for 2018.

2018 will be a year of hard work, I will release my album and other singles including collaborations. I
have no other special plans.


Yvan Buravan, Musician


I hope to focus on my career; I want to develop the habit of learning something new every day. I hope to
improve my reading culture too by reading more. I also want to do more of charity work in the year 2018,
like helping the needy.


Prossy Mbabazi, Administrator


In the New Year I am planning to try new ways of achieving better results even when they seem
uncomfortable in aspects of faith, work, relationship, family and with people. I believe change is an
experience that I have to face regardless. So preparing for it to me is wiser than not trying.


Remmy Lubega, Manager of RG-Consult Inc.


I am still a student so my priority is to complete my Masters in Public Health. I have to complete my
studies but I also want to focus on my music career in the New Year. I will start working on a new album.
I also want to strengthen my relationship with God and get to know Him more, be more hard working such that I develop my family and country at large. I also plan to do a music tour in Rwanda and get closer to my fans.


Israel Mbonyi, Gospel artiste


As a pastor, my resolutions are mostly to do with my role in the expansion of the Kingdom of God,
preaching the Word of God and other works in church. We hope as a church to continue working together
with the government to grow God’s Kingdom and our country in general.

I praise God who has been with me this year; we have seen the power of God in His works and miracles He has performed for the church. We thank Him as Rehoboth Church, the Lord expanded our works and we got another branch in Nyamata. The church in particular has set a number of objectives to achieve in 2018- expanding the kingdom of God, and opening more branches as we continue changing people’s lives


Christian Uwacutwembi, Pastor at Rehoboth Church, Kanombe


I am looking towards getting better in different angles. I want to keep learning new things at work and
life in general. I want to save more money and reduce unnecessary expenses, improve my social side (goodrelationship with others). I also want to improve on my productivity and time management. I also want to go for further studies, maybe a Masters or any professional course.

My other resolution as a sportsman is to win more titles in basketball with my team patriots, and the
national team. I would also wish to help young players to grow in their game. I also plan to help as many
people in need as I can.


Aristide Mugabe, Basketball player


I will focus mainly on my modelling agency which does commercials mostly for models but I also intend to join a school of acting in the coming year.


Jean de Dieu Ntabanganyimana, Model


I hope to make 2018 a great year. I hope to expand my business. I also plan on working on my
interpersonal skills and to become more active by joining a number of clubs.


Nurah Namakula, Businesswoman


I want to start up two companies in Rwanda, one to do events on Rwandan culture and the other one to promote sports culture. I also hope to construct a house and get married this coming year.


Onesphore Ruhumuriza, History Scholar


I am not targeting too many things but few bigger ones, mostly in my career. I have applied so far for
the New York Swim Wear Fashion Week 2018. I will also apply for Top Model of the World 2018, which is
different from Miss World Next Top Model that I have been to.


Tina Uwase, Model


In 2018, I will continue to focus on my career development, being more organised and professional,
especially in getting additional skills. On the other hand, Women In/And Mining Organisation (WIAMO) will put more effort in advocating for women in mining, collaboration with other stakeholders in the sector
for effective integration of women in mining and fight against the negative impact of mining on women.
Much effort will also be put in raising awareness for women to know their rights and be more engaged in
income generating activities, mining included. WIAMO also plans to pay health insurance for 50 women
working in mines.

People get married for many reasons, including financial stability. Net photo

Aline Providence Nkundibiza, Chairperson of Rwanda Women In/And Mining Organisation.



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