It looks like drama has taken up permanent residence at the Safi/Niyonizera camp. Since the couple’s wedding, the two have barely had time to do what newlyweds do - bask in marital bliss.

Humble and wife off to the US

Urban Boys’ Humble Jizzo, real name James Manzi, is reportedly getting ready to fly with his pregnant fiancé to the United States.

We are told that Jizzo and Amy Blauman are expected to travel next month as Blauman is scheduled to give birth from the US.

Gossip going around is that Jizzo may not come back to the country, but the singer has dismissed such talk saying that he doesn’t plan to stay in the US.

Is Niyonizera’s ex coming to Rwanda?

It looks like drama has taken up permanent residence at the Safi/Niyonizera camp. Since the couple’s wedding, the two have barely had time to do what newlyweds do - bask in marital bliss. It started with Safi’s ex-girlfriend, Parfine Umutesi, who caused a social media stir after an audio of her ‘bad-mouthing’ her ex leaked. Fans of the artiste proved just how loyal they are, going by the hostility that came her way after the audio leaked on WhatsApp.

Now, word reaching our desk is that Rick Hilton, who is said to be the ex-husband of Safi Madiba’s current wife, Judith Niyonizera, is planning to come to Rwanda.

It is said that Hilton, who is based in Canada, was in a relationship with Niyonizera for some time during Niyonizera’s stay in Canada. However, after Niyonizera and Safi’s wedding, Hilton came out with allegations of theft concerning his ex.

To make the public believe just how angry he was, Hilton released semi-nude photos of Niyonizera just weeks after her wedding and he has told different media outlets that he filed a case against Niyonizera in Canada.

If the rumour about Hilton taking a trip to Rwanda holds any water, the question is, what does he plan to do? Sources speculate that he wants to file a case against her here. Is it true? We will definitely keep you posted.

Babyface expected in the region next year

He is arguably one of the biggest icons in the music industry. Babyface fans will be pleased to know that plans to bring the artiste to the EA region are underway.

Information reaching our desk is that the legendary American R&B artiste, real name Kenneth Brian Edmonds, will be performing in Uganda in March next year if all goes well.

This will be the singer’s first time in Uganda. He is known for songs like Every Time I Close My Eyes, How Come How Long, Tender Lover, What If, Reason for Breathing, and Hurt You, among others.

DJ Spinny takes ‘silent disco’ party to Kampala

Rwandan spin master DJ Spinny is slowly but surely venturing into events.The latest from his camp reveals that Spinny has lined up over 10 DJs for his much anticipated ‘Silent Disco’ party at Atmosphere Lounge in Kololo, Kampala.

After receiving a mega boost from Singleton, Spinny revealed his crazy lineup that seeks to entertain revelers come December 2, 2017.

Among them includes Radiocity’s DJ Ciza, DJ Kerb and DJ Spinny himself who will play on the blue channel. On the green channel, there will be DJ Dash, Bankrobber, Slick Stuart and Roja. As for the red channel, we have been informed that DJ Kasbaby, Xzyl and Mary Jo will be in charge.

Meanwhile, Spinny is growing to prominence on the social scene especially with his partnership on the much acclaimed “Girls in the city” night that he usually co-hosts with Rwandan socialite Nana Weber.

Sonia Rolland opens up on ‘death threats’

Rwandan-French actress Sonia Rolland Uwitonze is currently in Rwanda for a couple of projects, one of which was to screen her latest film documentary about Rwanda.

Her documentary, Rwanda: Du Chaos au miracle, was screened for the first time at Century Cinema at Kigali City Tower this week.

The actress, however, revealed that she was threatened several times during the making of the film.

The documentary shows Rwanda’s success story over the years. But it turned out that some people were trying to discourage her from making the film.

While screening the movie, the former Miss France (the first African-born winner of the Miss France pageant) disclosed that since the beginning of the making of the film, she received many threats from people telling her that ‘they will kill her’.

But the actress went ahead to depict the story of her country and had it screened here.

Meanwhile, during the same week, she launched a basketball court built for orphaned children at Gisimba Memorial Centre under her charity initiative dubbed Maisha Africa.