Life’s tough questions

Who says that traffic jams are completely useless? Not at all.

Who says that traffic jams are completely useless? Not at all.

Traffic jams still hold some value in East Africa in that, around the region, it is still a valid, though clichéd excuse to claim to have been “stuck in traffic jam” whenever we are running late for an appointment.

Traffic jams are also the perfect time to pause and ask some of life’s toughest and unanswered questions;

These tough questions of life come in all shapes and sizes:

Where do traffic jams come from? But that’s not so hard.

Where do these same knots of traffic gridlock disappear to whenever a presidential entourage rears up?

While we are at it, scouring the earth for answers to the cause of traffic jams, let us again remind ourselves that life comes with its fair share of questions for which a decent answer is hard to come by.

However, the fact that answers to these questions have eluded even the sharpest minds for millennia, does not mean we should shy away from posing these questions: So let’s go. DJ watch dis …!

If you had only today to live, how would you spend your final moments in this earthly existence?

Yes, if you knew that you would evaporate and be no more at the stroke of midnight, what activities would you pack into your dying moments?

What questions would you ask? With who would you want to settle an unsettled score? Who among the people you owe money would you clear off?

If you were sure beyond any doubt that you will be gone tomorrow, would you still go ahead with such things as taking a shower and brushing your teeth and saying “please” when asking for some favor?

Back to the question of how to use the time on your hands productively while stuck in traffic.

This is the best time to attempt to answer the question; Where does creativity come from?

We all know that the Black Box is that part of an air craft that never burns or suffers damage when the plane crashes. If that is so, then what’s so hard about making the entire plane out of the same incombustible materials as the Black Box?

Why should human beings be burned to cinders and beyond recognition, while bits and pieces of an aero plane –a mere metal contraption remain intact?

Also, where do noses disappear to when two people lock lips so tightly?

And why is it that people with bad breath always insist on zero distance between their lips and your nose while talking to you?

Why do married folk and lovers begin to look like one another after a while?

Speaking of lovers and married folk, at what point should you decide to end a toxic relationship?

Lastly, where should one draw the line between enjoying the present, and planting seeds for tomorrow’s harvest?