This year, Knowless joined the list of big names in music that have featured on America’s biggest broadcaster, Cable News Network (CNN).

Knowless accused of acting ‘blonde’ on TV

This year, Knowless joined the list of big names in music that have featured on America’s biggest broadcaster, Cable News Network (CNN).


With this, you’d have expected many people to part her on the back- having enjoyed her moment of fame in international media; However, Knowless has instead been subjected to a backlash on social media for what people called coming off as ’blonde’ on TV.


Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were abuzz, and still are, as the video continues to trend, with people saying that the songbird should have expressed herself in a language she was more comfortable with, rather than struggle with English. Some reckoned that she probably wasn’t prepared, and could have been nervous.


The singer talked about her stage name, among other things, citing renowned superstar Beyoncé as her inspiration.

She said that to make it a little different, she added “s” to the superstar’s last name “Knowles”, to make it “Knowless.”

Bull Dogg falls out with manager


Rapper Bull Dogg’s and his current manager Seka Emmanuel might be parting ways.

Following recent news that the rapper has been staging gigs without the consent of his management, we are told that the two are currently on a collision course.

Bull Dogg, who participated in this year’s Primus Guma Guma Super Star competition, has been spotted performing at several shows without involvement of his manager.

The two had signed a two-year agreement but sources indicate that there are definite disagreements, mostly concerning the artiste’s behaviour.

Cases of local artistes refusing to work with their management are common. Jay Polly and Ama G the Black were involved in a similar standoff with their managers.

But question is whether these artistes are capable of handling singing and management at the same time? We will keep you posted.

Wizkid cancels shows over poor health


Nigerian singer, Wizkid has expressed sadness over the state of his health.

The superstar has not been feeling well lately. While apologising to his fans for the shows he already missed, the singer revealed he would be spending time with his sons as he recovers.

Wizkid took to his twitter handle Monday afternoon to share a series of posts.

He also stated that he would be remembered as a legend if he died today.

Musician Isaac Rucci attacked by thugs


Gospel music singer Isaac Rucci recently fell victim to the notorious city thugs in Kampala, Uganda. According to the Limit X singer, he was waylaid by thugs on Friday night at his gate. He tried to fight back

but was overpowered and all his possessions taken away, including his mobile phone and wallet.

“I was attacked at my gate on Friday at about 1am. These thugs were ready for whatever! They came at me and the taxi driver with everything they had. I mean big stones, small stones, bottles, everything. I put up a fight but was out numbered,” he stated.

Juliana Kanyomozi threatens to sue tycoon over privacy infringement

Ugandan songbird and former Tusker Project Fame senior judge, Juliana Kanyomozi, is not happy.

It was rumoured that the silk-voiced singer has something going on with fellow singer Desire Luzinda’s

15048075114                                                                                               Kanyomozi

partner and city tycoon, Emmanuel Lwasa, who happens to be a married man. The allegations started after a photo emerged on social media platforms in which she appeared to be with Lwasa on a plane bound for the US.

The “Woman” hitmaker has distanced herself from the photo, and insists that she does not even know the tycoon. She further threatened to sue the tycoon for invading her privacy.

She made the threats while addressing the controversy surrounding the photo on her social media accounts.                               


“You can’t come and take a picture of someone simply because they happen to be sitting next to you on a plane without their permission, and then go ahead and share it implying that I’m travelling with you. He didn’t even have the courtesy to greet me!!!!!! Let alone request to take a picture with or of me! This is an intrusion of other people’s privacy and I could sue you for it!!!” she posted on her Instagram page.

Meanwhile, Luzinda has also lashed out at her critics. This stems from her relationship with Lwasa that has got a lot of tongues wagging in the recent past.

The “Ekitone” singer came under attack from a section of the public who accused her of being a homewrecker. This did not sit well with the singer who has now lashed out saying she does what she likes.

She said, “My days for chasing after people, friends, are over. I simply do me lately.”

“Woman of Steel. Not giving a damn is almost reflex,” she added.


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