What story would you like tell about Rwanda? Pupils of GS Gatenga share their ideas

Here is my story especially to people who are not familiar with our culture.
Egedia Mugwaneza
Egedia Mugwaneza

Here is my story especially to people who are not familiar with our culture.

Rwanda is blessed with a rich and adventurous culture; and this is what makes me proud about my country.


The dancing, singing and all the norms makes it vibrant and an avenue of fun.


Who can’t boast about our capital city’s cleanliness; other nations envy our green and clean city.


Egedia Mugwaneza, 13 years old


Fredrick Kwiringira

From the achievements and developments we see every day, there is no doubt that Rwanda is a model nation worldwide.

It makes me happy when I hear that people from other countries are interested in visiting to learn more about Rwanda; it shows how other countries are learning a lot from our progress.  

It’s obvious; we inspire other nations to follow in our footsteps.

Fredrick Kwiringira, 14 years old


Juliane Muhoza

The title of my story would be the beauty of the land of a thousand hills.

The Rwandan scenery beautiful and remarkable to look at.

The appealing physical features such as mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, game parks and forests, among others.

That’s the story I would tell about my Country.

Juliane Muhoza, 12 years old


Marie Rose Umubyeyi

I’m proud of the Rwandan Army and police, and that’s where my story would base.

They have proved to the world how professional and effective they are when it comes to peace and security.

Rwanda is also blessed with good leaders, who work tirelessly to make sure that Rwandans can live in a better place.

I also can’t forget the way Rwandans love and work peacefully with one another; it’s fascinating.

Marie Rose Umubyeyi, 12 years old

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