MIDIMAR's support to refugees is commendable

Re: “MIDIMAR expects over 12,000 returnees by July 2018” The New Times, 18 May.


Re: “MIDIMAR expects over 12,000 returnees by July 2018” The New Times, 18 May.

It is a daunting task for any country to handle refugees, particularly in the world today, which experiences varying degrees of war and strife.

The website of UNICEF, Middle East and North Africa, carries the most touching and heart rendering “Song for Syria”, sung by the ten-year old blind girl, Ansam.


In Remarkable Rwanda, too, we have ever so many touching stories of refugees and how the Government of Rwanda effectively handles these immense challenges.


MIDIMAR’s initiatives for refugees are, indeed, commendable. This Ministry is ever ready to reach out to volunteers who want to commit their time, talent and resources towards alleviating the problems faced by refugees.


Earlier this year, the Nobel laureate for Peace, the young Pakistani girl ,Malala, was facilitated when she visited the country.

Likewise, next month, a young Indian girl , Neysa Sanghavi, will spend much time with Burundian refugees presently in Rwanda.

Through such initiatives, MIDIMAR inculcates in the minds and hearts of youth from different parts of the world that refugees are not to be despised and looked down upon, but rather given opportunities to cope up with the hardships they face on a daily basis.

As UNHCR country representative, Saber Azam, remarked , “ The situation in Rwanda is perfect. Refugees should come back home.”

As we prepare to welcome over 12,000 returnees who are anticipated by MIDIMAR , to return in the coming months, we must pray for world peace, and must commit that “NEVER AGAIN” shall we allow a man-made disaster, like the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, to ever happen anywhere in the world.

Clarence Fernandes

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