Do not alienate yourself

Every obstacle in life introduces us to new opportunities to explore but how you respond to them is important.

 Every obstacle in life introduces us to new opportunities to explore but how you respond to them is important. Never allow your past to drive your destiny, rather, use your past experience to connect with as many people as possible for your physical and psychological wellbeing. There really are tonnes of ways to meet and freely interact with people both within and outside the university. You’re surrounded by thousands of peers, most of whom are enthusiastic to meet people like you, plus, you have more social skills and positive traits under the surface than you realise or give yourself credit for. All you need to do is; frequent yourself in places where potential friends are, and then meet and talk to them.  Similarly, take the initiative to hang out with the people you seem to share interests with and see where the budding friendship goes.

History informs me that each person’s pleasure is obtained from the interaction they have with the rest of the world and this is closely linked to people. Every person needs a sense of belonging and the essence of this idea is favourable for establishing a correct personal outlook on your life and your future generation.  One without these core attachments lives like a house without a foundation. Being honest and loving to people is not an assurance that they will reciprocate but you can play your part to connect with them.


Of course things won’t work out with everyone, but at least some will eventually become your permanent friends with whom you’ll share life stories. Don’t feel you have to force yourself to hang out with them. It may be easier to just start from scratch and take it to a higher level. You’ll find that they too have tremendous touching stories to share and it may all turn out to be fun.


Humans require social interaction. No one knows what personal turmoil people are going through and if you know you can alleviate your own loneliness, just do so by sharing your experiences with people to exonerate yourself from the bondage of your past experiences. Greater amount of brainpower is used up when you ponder a negative situation to control your entire life. You can’t afford to do away with all people, otherwise you’ll risk living a miserable life. Every kind of loneliness can have its cure and friends are the greatest cure of loneliness.

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