Rwanda has great political leadership

Editor, I am a Kenyan who worked in Rwanda for about three years from 2004 to 2008 but I consider Rwanda as my second home. I am proud to be associated with Rwanda.


I am a Kenyan who worked in Rwanda for about three years from 2004 to 2008 but I consider Rwanda as my second home. I am proud to be associated with Rwanda.

During my stay there Rwanda was going through one of the most rapid developments to transform itself in all sectors.

This was due to the leadership of President Paul Kagame, which is one of the most progressive and dynamic leadership in the world.

Did I say that Rwanda has the most progressive and dynamic leadership in the world? Yes, and it is not by mistake!

Trust me President Kagame has been and still is one of the greatest political leaders in the world today in terms of vision, leadership, compassion, personal integrity and magnanimity.

He is on a daily basis overly concerned about small issues in a village (ibibazo bya abaturage) while at the same time providing the voice of reason in a tumultuous Central and East African region in addition to charting new grounds on world leadership at global forums such as the great speeches that have made him famous all over the world.

He has had the power but, like Nelson Mandela, he did not and does not misuse such power to revenge on those who did untold injustice to him, his family and his country women and men.

I read New Times almost every day since I left Rwanda two years ago. I am amazed by the heartwarming stories that I read as compared to newspapers in Kenya, Uganda or SA that are full of heartrending stories of crime, political intrigues and corruption.

I hope Rwandans wherever they are have learned valuable lessons in history: that we must praise and treasure good leaders when they are at it not when they leave office or after they die.

I have always told my friends everywhere that President Kagame is the class of Nelson Mandela, Mahtma Gandhi and George Washington and that Rwandans are lucky to have him.

I wish he could become the president of EA or Africa at large. Best wishes Mr. President. For New Times, congratulations. You make my day, every day.

Today’s heartwarming stories in the New Times are: NEC making it easy for Rwandans in the Diaspora to vote on 8 August 2010 (President Kagame does not fear! - Kenya are you listening?), American Beauties visiting Rwanda and with picture of First Lady (they had many choices but chose Rwanda - they know they are safe in a clean environment in a country that makes everyone feel at home the first day, and every day), new leadership for the Forum for Political Parties (Rwanda can teach all other countries in
the world the Kagame lesson that kupingana siyo kupigana! that is opposition is does not mean fighting.

I say the Kagame lesson because I know it is due to his philosophy that FFP was formed, proposals for children’s participation in development, and the practical reality of women in leadership and their presence on cover page!

Yours most sincerely,
Kirianki M’Imanyara
University of Zululand, SA 

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