Customer care is dead

So I’m sitting here watching a video of a 69 year old man who has since been identified as Dr David Dao getting dragged off a plane like a criminal.

So I’m sitting here watching a video of a 69 year old man who has since been identified as Dr David Dao getting dragged off a plane like a criminal. My first thought was that he posed a threat to the other passengers hence the urgency to get him off but it turns out he wasn’t drunk, hadn’t been acting out and didn’t have a gun or some other weapon deemed dangerous.

He had just randomly been selected to leave an overbooked flight! This man had paid to get to his destination and yet somehow, he was being told, not requested, to leave the plane just so some crew members for another flight he had nothing to do with could get on board. I would have resisted too.


It’s hard not to assume he was treated the way he was because of his race and that’s the sad reality we have to deal with. I bet those officers who dragged him down the aisle didn’t imagine he was a doctor and American!


The airline executives must also be kicking themselves because they are about to lose millions in the ensuing lawsuits. Every cloud really does have a silver lining and while this doctor was humiliated and battered for a few minutes, his life is about to change.


Those pictures of his bloody face are about to turn into gold. Thousands of dollars for every drop! You’d hope stories like this would teach not just this airline but service providers in general a lesson in customer care but I’m not holding my breath. People want your money and as soon as they get it, your wellbeing ceases to matter.

I was thinking how your regular African traveller saves for months if not years just to be able to afford an Economy ticket. If I sold my property or land so I could be in position to get somewhere, you better treat me right.

There was a time people cared about public opinion and word of mouth mattered. Not anymore it seems which is strange considering that there are many players in nearly every industry now and you would think that these people would do whatever it takes to win and keep customers but what we have instead are rude waiters and snobby clerks who ignore us because of how we’re dressed or what we look like.

You walk into a shop and no one says a word to you. You return a faulty purchase and can’t get a replacement, let alone a refund!

The other thing I find surprising is that even with Camera Phones and the rage that is Social Media, people still do outrageous things regardless of who’s watching. Those officers who roughed up the poor doctor could see other passengers recording on their phones and yet they went ahead with their mission. I read that they’ve since been suspended and rightly so.

I don’t even buy apologies anymore because people are only “sorry” after they get exposed. My hope is that if something like that ever happened to me, someone would film it. God knows I need the money!

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