Rusesabagina: The self-paraded ‘hero’ riding another doomed horse

In The New Times issue of May 7th, 2010 Désiré Katihabwa stated that “…it is high time members of the International Community disassociated themselves from sworn liars like Rusesabagina and for Rwandan Diaspora members to give their own contribution in exposing these shameless evil ridden individuals that would only want Rwanda back in the apocalypse of 1994…”

This he argued while concluding a revealing exposure of Rusesabagina’s leadership role within the internationally renowned notorious FDLR terrorist group.

The message certainly didn’t fall on deaf ears as fraudster hero had to, at the last minute cancel his attendance of an event for which he had managed to trap the unsuspecting citizens of the world into his many political-prey game of sorts.

Indeed, on May 12, 2010, Rusesabagina was expected to speak at the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Springfield.

He had, as a master of manipulation he is, managed to lure two or three Illinois Senators into lobbying the State Senate to adopt a resolution stating that “…THE SENATE OF THE NINETY-SIXTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, designate(s) May 12, 2010, as Paul Rusesabagina Day in the State of Illinois to honor Paul Rusesabagina for his incredible courage and his many accomplishments…”

In his scheming, the Senators would candidly say in their resolution that “…The members of the Illinois Senate are pleased to honor Paul Rusesabagina for his incredible courage in saving the lives of more than 1,200 people during the 1994 Rwandan genocide…

At great risk to his own life, Paul Rusesabagina, manager of the Hotel des Mille Collines, used his wits, international contacts, and negotiating skills to keep the refugees safe until the cessation of the massacre…” Unlike in previous years when such an event would pass unnoticed however, this time the news unleashed uproar of protests from the very people he purportedly saved in the Hotel des Mille Collines as well as from many other peace lovers and friends of Rwanda.

A certain Jacques immediately posted the following message on the net. “…Could someone let the Governor know that many people are shunning Rusesabagina away because of his controversial involvement with terrorist groups that have killed people in Rwanda and Congo (FDLR)? The Governor should not be duped by his (Rusesabagina’s) picture with President Bush.

He needs another picture with the Governor, that’s how he makes his living. My lord! Paul Rusesabagina a Hero?? Defending perpetrators of genocide is what makes him a hero? The man has been defending almost all high level genocide criminals charged by ICTR and those facing charges in the UK. 

In 2008 Judge Anthony Evans of British High court dismissed him (Rusesabagina) as a witness in Bajinya’s case and his co-accused after finding out that he was party to their wrong doings. 

He also defended General Bizimungu (Former commander of genocidal forces) at ICTR but the court passed life sentenced to him. Good for the survivors and embarrassment for the “Hero”. And this raises a lot of credibility questions on this man; how could it be?

Today you claim to have saved people from the killers, and tomorrow you sign affidavits and take oath to defend the very same killers claiming that they are innocent! I do not understand why these questions are not always put to him when he has such an opportunity to speak to any knowledgeable audience...”

A certain Sam concurred. “…This Hollywood charlatan hero is a liar! Survivors who were in the Hotel have rejected him! He charged them money; he threatened to throw some of them out of the windows if they did not pay.

Some forcefully signed checks and there are evidences of cashing those checks after genocide by Rusesabagina himself. In fact he was telling them, that if you don’t pay “I will call the militias to come for you”, and everybody knew it was no joke since he had those powers because of his connection with genocidaires especially the Interahamwe militia’s Vice President Georges Rutaganda (Sentenced to life imprisonment by the International Crimes Tribunal for Rwanda-ICTR) .

How can he be honored by the Governor! Talk to some survivors you will cancel that invitation. This is what happened with Young President’s Organization in 2007-They cancelled his invitation as their guest speaker after finding out about his hate/denial speeches.

In 2008 The Catholic University of Louvin in Belgium cancelled his scheduled event after realizing that he was going to co-chair the meeting with Pierre Pean who is a known holocaust and genocide denier…”  

While Patrick Karuretwa warned that “…The host of this event must therefore watch out! Providing platform for someone who denies the loss of a million people in his style of “Double genocide” is not only shameful to the speaker himself but also to the host.

I have attended Rusesabagina’s speaking events in the past, despite the lack of substance, Rusesabagina will never accept to be debated by the people who were in the Hotel or anybody.

Press him hard. He cannot accept it. OR ask him to share a panel with some Americans who were in Rwanda during genocide like Suzan Allen and Carl Wilkens, he will never accept it because he knows for sure that his lies will be uncovered and that will be the end of his “bread…”

A day before the celebration, on May 11, 2010 a laconic communiqué was issued stating that “…Because of a medical emergency, Paul Rusesabagina, whose story was the subject of the movie “Hotel Rwanda,” will not be speaking at this year’s Governor’s Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday…”

What an opportune coincidence! Indeed, the claim of a “medical emergency” was deliberate and served its purpose of saving him from the embarrassment he was to face had he dared take the stage. The few listed comments do tell it all.

In her message to those spreading Rusesabagina’s propaganda/gospel that also appeared in her letter to the editor, The New Times, Ms Marie Collins, one of the admirable contributors to the Never Again efforts wrote “……I am deeply offended by so many well-educated people who continue to elevate this man (read Paul Rusesabagina) to hero/savior status. You may want to talk to the many people, including terrified children who were turned away because they could not pay him to enter the Hotel Milles Collines.

The Hotel was a safe house because the UN was protecting it not Paul Rusesabagina.” Indeed the truth needs to come out loud and clear to for the opportunists like Rusesabagina to be appropriately put in the annals of history.

Now that the sheep’s skin has been torn to many by the unrelenting exposure of the truth, the wolf has no other choice but to build an even stronger bond with its original horde…Paul Rusesabagina attended a meeting of a cohort of genocide deniers and suspects grouped into what they call “2010 Highly Inclusive IntraRwandan Dialogue (DIRHI)” held from 11-13 June, 2010 in The Netherlands. In an apparent recognition of his skillfulness in hoodwinking the world under his humanitarian cover-up, the group elected him as head of its Coordinating Committee.

For how long will this evil minded man confuse the unsuspecting with his political machinations that lately involve proven links with rebel militia networks in a plot to create his own aligned FDLR faction? May be the trial of his former lieutenants; Lt. Col Tharcisse Nditurende and Lt. Col Noel Habiyambere will determine his fate. As a Rwandan saying goes, “you can hide from what is running after you but not what is inside you!”

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