Meet actress Laura Musanase

Laura Musanase, who stars as Nikuze in City Maid, an episodic TV series currently airing on Rwanda Television, opens up about her private life, role in City Maid and fame.
Laura Musanase plays the lead role in City Maid. Right: The actress with collegues during shooting. Courtesy photos
Laura Musanase plays the lead role in City Maid. Right: The actress with collegues during shooting. Courtesy photos


Nikuze is a village woman who flees an abusive marriage in search of brighter prospects in the city. The series comes after a successful run of Seburikoko, another local series that has been airing on the same station since March 2015.


Briefly, who is Laura Musanase?


I am a Rwandan, born in Tanzania but raised in Rwanda. I attended primary school at Bright Academy Primary School in Nyagatare District, then started my high school at Lycee de Kigali and finished from FAWE Girls’ School.


When I was a child, my dream was to be a business woman. I always wanted to sell cars to people because I used to love them.

Do you have any previous acting background? If so, what are some of the films/series you’ve acted in?

No. I don’t have any acting background.

How then did you end up being cast in City Maid?

This happened when my friends came along telling me to try it. I didn’t know anything concerning films but ended up in City Maid because of my friends who love acting, some of whom are actors themselves.

How does it feel being the lead in City Maid?

This feels so great given the fact that it was my first time. It really makes me feel so proud.

What makes acting in films appealing to you, and how did you learn to act?

I didn’t learn acting. I just followed the instructions that were given to me and I did what I felt like doing according to what was needed.

Films are lessons most of the time. This applies mostly when there is some motivation behind. I think I do have one.

What is the most challenging thing about acting in City Maid?

As a lead actress in City Maid, it’s hard transforming myself from Laura to Nikuze.

How do you deal with the fame that comes with being on TV?

We all know that fame is not such a simple thing to handle, but again, you have to accept what comes along your way. It’s really amazing meeting with my fans.

As an actor, what, or who inspires you?

The person who inspires me the most in this field is American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian Angelina Jolie.

What are some of the most memorable films you’ve watched?

Sparkle and Blended.

Your final word.

I would like to thank my fans for the support and love that you are showing us. Thank you very much.


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