Not everybody is cut to be an entrepreneur

Re: ‘The entrepreneurship bubble’ (The New Times February 8)

Re:The entrepreneurship bubble’ (The New Times February 8)

Yes indeed, "a strong base to continue to grow" calls for an urgent "honest reflection and forward-looking planning."


It is a reflection anchored first on the admission that entrepreneurship is not a given trait to everybody.


We all have ideas of particular kinds, but only some among us have the guts, means, and chance to start materializing those ideas. And ultimately, very few manage to steer their respective ideas to implementation, and for a relatively long time.


Therefore, the writer is right, if one aims at developing entrepreneurship into a population, there is a foundational need to educate (e-ducere) people along the way to "think critically", towards realization of one's positive and valuable ideas with whatever means available them.

This is completely the opposite of the actual 'trend', whereby entire populations are instructed to blindly follow and execute foreign and alienating codes of conduct, merely an uncritical imitation. Many are thus enrolled, but only by accident, very few will reach meaningful and sustainable goals.

Like leadership, successful entrepreneurship is not for everyone! And those very few most talented, they need tight close, thoughtful, and systematic guidance to aimed success.

 Francois-X. Nziyonsenga

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