Kayumba Nyamwasa and Patrick Karegeya have been trying to make the news by getting into a fictitious battle against President Kagame for an unsuccessful goal meant to clear their name and gain some sympathy from the liberation comrades they disappointed.

Kayumba Nyamwasa and Patrick Karegeya have been trying to make the news by getting into a fictitious battle against President Kagame for an unsuccessful goal meant to clear their name and gain some sympathy from the liberation comrades they disappointed.

The cheap diabolization and distortion of facts are results of personal frustration that see them begging for refugee papers and facing a life out of privileges, while in the past the two could make phone calls to clear their business partners who had smuggled goods or to use state funds to entice personal glory in government institutions.

The transition from an ambassador (before that, Head of Intelligence and Army Chief) to a refugee on the street in search of means and favour from international organizations (e.g. UNHCR) and governments, is hardly swallowed by Kayumba Nyamwasa who joined the difficult life of the likes of Alphonse Furuma, who had been in the past hunted by himself. The other day, Furuma had written a letter against President Kagame which coincidentally had words similar to those used by Kayumba today.

Kayumba Nyamwasa‘s personality should be referred to the ‘’Whisky priest’’ of Graham Greene in his book ‘’Power and Glory’’ (1940). The Whisky priest is described as an ordained minister/ official who has moral weakness, while at the same time teaching moral standard.

Intrigues, divisionism, falsehood and opportunism have been the means for power and glory adopted by Kayumba while serving the RPF.  Without ignoring his humble contribution to RPF struggle, our ‘’Whisky priest’’, who served as RPA Head of Military Intelligence from the wee days of the RPF struggle to the end, claims the life of  President Kagame and achievement of the struggle.

Here, one could hardly believe how as head of Military Intelligence, he could at the same time serve as a commander?? Only a listener/ a reader with no military background can believe.  

While serving Rwanda’s forces, the ‘’Whisky priest’’ favoured some, gave them comfort, provided financial support to his group, promoted them in the ranks at a speed, made them believe that he was “grooming them’’ for future responsibilities and led them to look at him as a ‘’Holy Priest’’ to enshrine power and glory for himself.

This move, however, led many serving soldiers/officers to be suffocated, incarcerated and labeled as ‘’enemy of the state’’. Some of those he tried to drag into a clique denounced his conspiracy and revealed how he used money meant for military operations to gain their acquaintance and sympathy to his personal cause.  

President Kagame’s recent visit to the USA led to the creation of a Central Africa School of Excellence based in Rwanda, which will accommodate about 200 students through Greater Atlanta Christian School. The visit also led to an increase of scholarships for Rwandan students at Oklahoma Christian University in the fields of science and technology following the graduation of 10 Rwandan students under the Rwanda Presidential Scholarship Program.

President Kagame’s visits to the USA have never been for one item. He has always combined meetings with investors, education specialists, universities, financial sponsors etc… as a way of maximizing benefit for Rwanda as a country.

As a member of the private sector, I was part of a delegation led by President Kagame which was meant to link US investors to Rwandan businessmen. Kayumba should not be blind by the humiliation of the truth by denying that President Kagame’s visit to his son is one of the smallest items in the agenda of the President. Kayumba’s reference to this case is a flagrant sign of dishonesty used for an improper cause which undermines his credibility.

On the case of Kayumba and Karegeya, President Kagame has referred to lack of accountability as the fact that the two tried to satisfy certain desires using their position and that they could infringe on the rights of the majority of those they are supposed to lead.

Referring to the clearly-explained case of the presidential jet is a diversion meant to ignore key issues for which Kayumba and Karegeya were asked to respond without compassion and favour.

Karegeya was heard on BBC Imvo n’imvano stating that what Victoire Ingabire said was not bad but a question of interpretation.

This woman who – on record - questioned the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and, who was referred by the November 2009 UN report of experts as linked to genocide revisionists is, today, looked at by the duo as a person oppressed by the Government.

For the sake of gaining cheap popularity and undermining President Kagame, Kayumba and Karegeya are ready to kiss the devil! They are ignoring the value of their struggle and are undermining the death of millions.

Tomorrow, we shall hear them calling FDLR a liberation movement, despite the fact that the other day they were involved in fighting them. 

Furthermore, Kayumba and Karegeya didn’t tell us the “interpretation’’ they had on Genocide revisionists when they were hunting them in DRC, in Europe and elsewhere in Africa.  They should be more specific on “the interpretation’’ of the 1994 Genocide of Tutsi or give us their new “interpretation’’.

The war in DRC was meant to destroy the existence of genocidal forces that have been operating and organizing with the sole intention to overthrow the Government. All forms/types of wars in which Rwanda was engaged in DRC were meant for the survival of Rwanda as a state.

Should we only look at justifiable wars as those that took place when Kayumba was at the helm of the RPA?  The Whisky priest brings out his egoistic character by trying to undermine the cause of those wars in different forms.

The frustration and the failure to adjust to their new status are leading Kayumba and Karegeya to see everything as bad in Rwanda. More concocted stories should be expected from Kayumba and Karegeya as a way of justifying their stay and hiding their vices while in Rwanda.

Facts are there,  they will not be changed and will make them one time accountable to the history of their country!!

A senior RPA demobilized soldier

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