MY WEDDING: His disability was never an issue for our union, says Chantal Mugiraneza

For almost six years, a strong love has blossomed between William Safari, the programs manager of National Union of Disability Organizations of Rwanda and Chantal Mugiraneza, a business woman.

For almost six years, a strong love has blossomed between William Safari, the programs manager of National Union of Disability Organizations of Rwanda and Chantal Mugiraneza, a business woman.

Their romance was officially sealed when they tied the knot last week on Saturday. The couple shared their love story with Sunday Times’ Donah Mbabazi;
Didn’t you have difficulty agreeing to marry someone who is visually impaired?
My husband being visually impaired wasn’t an issue for me, what mattered most was how we felt for each other. It’s not like it was his choice to be that way and he is just like the rest of us, he loves and cares for me and that’s all what matters.  
When I met him, I ‘fell’ for his character.


He is someone who likes people, he is calm, has true love and more so handsome!!...I am proud to be his wife and thank God for having him for a husband.
What’s that one thing that you know makes him happy?
Talking to him nicely makes him happy. Even when we disagree on something, he prefers to first cool off before the topic is brought up for discussion.


Watching all those people gathered to witness the seal of your happiness, how did it feel?
It was beautiful and I was so grateful for the huge number of people who turned up, it made me so emotional and reflected on how well we have been with the people who know us.
Who chose the make of the cake?
It was me and I mostly went for the trending pieces and style and for the colours I selected those that matched with the theme colours, which is white and purple.
What criteria did you follow when you were choosing your gown and the maids’ dresses?
I mostly minded about the fabric, the colours mattered too and I chose red, purple and some little yellow.
What’s the most romantic thing he has ever done for you?
The surprise he did for me made me so happy, it was on our wedding day he came out with a crew where they played instruments and sang for me.
How would you describe as a perfect outing for you and your spouse?
We always like relaxing at the beach...It’s our favourite spot.
How did you choose your wife when you are visually impaired?
It was mostly love that played the cards for me. We got to know each other deeply and with time things only fell into place.
When did you meet your wife?
We met in 2011, it was through visits to my cousins’ place and they were neighbours with her. We later got to know each other and after a few months we started dating.


Was it difficult winning her over when you had a disability?
Well it wasn’t that easy but that wasn’t because I had a disability. ..In love there a lot of steps especially when it’s true love, it took me a year to win her heart.
When did you know that she was the woman you had to marry?
The time I spent with her gave me enough space to know the real woman in her, she had the characters I wanted in a woman; humble and respectful and I knew she was to be my wife.
What was the first visit to his parents’ home like?
It wasn’t easy. Meeting in-laws isn’t always easy but the parents were welcoming, they knew me though it was my first time to go there officially and yes I was a little bit nervous.
What are the principles of your relationship?
First of all we are strong Catholics so we put God first, then love, respect and trust each other.
Any marriage is bound to have obstacles, how are you prepared for them?
Yes challenges are there but what my wife and I agreed on was to be true to each other, communicate and pray about our challenges.
Would you say God answered your prayers when you chose to marry Chantal?
Yes he did, because I married the woman of my dreams. She is calm, prayerful, respectful and beautiful too...
How is life for you as a married man now?
 It’s an amazing experience; I don’t even know why I delayed.


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