[SPONSORED] RSSB's Vision City is Kigali's ultimate housing solution

Seated on thousands of square feet with breath-taking panoramic views of the City of Kigali and surrounding hills, Vision City is undoubtedly the largest single residential property of its kind in Eastern Africa.
Vision City residential houses under construction. / Faustin Niyigena.
Vision City residential houses under construction. / Faustin Niyigena.

Seated on thousands of square feet with breath-taking panoramic views of the City of Kigali and surrounding hills, Vision City is undoubtedly the largest single residential property of its kind in Eastern Africa.

Located in Kigali’s uptown neighbourhood of Gaculiro, this gigantic RSSB investment is a creation of futuristic neighbourhoods that cater to all the modern needs of homebuyers. It is a spiced up assortment of state of the art premium housing typologies including stand alone luxury villas, semi-detached villas, town houses and modern apartments. The City is envisioned to have total of 4,500 housing units which will be completed in four phases. Phase one, composed of 504 housing units, is nearing completion.


In addition to residential housing, the city has a town centre that will serve as the commercial hub for residents. The town centre will have Wi-fi internet connectivity with commercial and retail facilities such as supermarkets, restaurants, office complexes and a three- star hotel.


All the homes are covetously spacious with signature outdoor terraces that overlook luscious green parks. They also sport a self contained domestic worker’s unit which of course can be turned into a cosy room for that unexpected guest. Whether you are living in an apartment or a luxury villa, the spaces seem almost visibly amplified by the large glass doors and widows which usher in light and offer unobstructed view of the beautiful rolling hills of Kigali.


Vision City is self-sustaining and social amenities abound within the city. While many property developers focus on building the perfect house for the potential house buyer, Ultimate Developers Ltd (UDL) has not only developed perfect homes responding to the needs of various home buyers, they have gone ahead to anticipate the needs of the home buyers beyond the four walls of their homes.

Amenities include open communal places such as parks that are ideal for children to play in, basketball pitches, pedestrian walk paths that can double as jogging tracks, ample peripheral parking lots and an amphitheatre that can accommodate upto 400 people. The great thing about the peripheral parking lots is that parents or guardians will never have to worry about the safety of their children as far as their safety from cars being driven within the city. Being at the peripheral, they are a sure safe distance from the parks and thanks to the out door terraces over looking the parks, one can always keep an eye on children playing in the parks without leaving the house.


The parks have well manicured grass and trees and with lighting for friends to stay out late chatting or to simply take in the cool evening breeze after a hard day’s work. With an irrigation system already in place, owners are guaranteed of beautiful ever green park throughout the year.

All roads within the city are tarmacked and street lights have already been installed on every stretch and corner. Fibre optic cables have been laid down and home owners will only need to call their preferred service providers to get internet connectivity. With a massive underground water reservoir of upto 2.6 million litres (insert exact figure), an above the ground reservoir of 200,000 litres (insert exact figure) and water tanks installed atop each unit, water shortage will not be problem for residents.

One cannot forget to observe the subtle yet strong presence of the fire safety network that guarantees the buyer that extra protection from any unforeseen fire hazard.


A tour of Vision City will reveal to you the grandness of the project as well as the numerous opportunities that the city will create and has indeed already created for those living around it. Liliane Mupende, the CEO of Ultimate Developers Ltd (UDL) offered more insight into the project including why she does not think the homes are over-priced.

How exactly is Vision City addressing the shortage of quality housing in Kigali?

Vision City addresses the shortage of quality housing in Kigali by providing a clustered neighbourhood offering a range of housing typologies supported with all the basic infrastructures and amenities needed to live in comfort and convenience: asphalted and lighted streets, pedestrian walkways, fibre connectivity, fire safety systems, open public and recreational spaces and a town centre providing access to basic amenities within less than a kilometre away from home without requiring the use of motorised transport.


Who is your target clientele and who can own the homes?

Our target customer is the local or international homebuyer who is looking to own a premium home in a prime neighbourhood furnished with state of the art infrastructure and a Town Centre that offers a multitude of exceptional commercial, retail, recreational and civic amenities.

Some people think that the homes are over-priced. What is/ your response to that?

Vision City guarantees value for money as it delivers a new and unique neighbourhood where all infrastructure and amenities will be easily accessible and meet premium standards. By buying a home in Vision City, you are not just buying a house but you are acquiring a quality luxury home that is embraced by an entire environment of comfort and convenience.

Given the massive scale of the project, how sustainable is it?

In developing a clustered and well planned neighbourhood in line with the requirements of the City Master plan, we are confident that we have addressed the key aspects of sustainability by offering durable housing, an environment that requires minimal or no motorised transport and responds to the need for increased densities with structured access to water, electricity, sewage treatment and fire safety systems.


You are nearing the completion of Phase one, how soon should we expect the other phases to be completed?

Our immediate priority is to commence development of the Town Centre, which will avail the complementary amenities to the neighbourhood.

What challenges are you facing in completing this project?

Taking into consideration the commencement of construction of Vision City at the end of 2013, given the scale and unique nature of our project, most of the construction materials initially required importation, as they were limited or lacking in the local market. We have observed, however, that this is slowly changing with the integrated initiatives to promote local material and local production. We hope that this will positively impact on our future phases of the project.

To a certain extent, access to skilled labour has been a hindrance to the speedy progress of our project but we are happy to say that our site now employs between 1,500 to 3,000 skilled and semi skilled local labourers with a good proportion of women and youth included.


How can one purchase a home in Vision City?

We welcome potential buyers to come for a guided tour of our neighbourhood, during which we can assist the buyer to make the ideal selection of a preferred unit. Following this we enter into a formal agreement and the client proceeds with payment. Yes, we do allow instalment payments with a 30% confirmation deposit to start off.

Any final word to potential homeowners?

Do not miss the opportunity to own a home in Vision City, its paradise.

You want to chat directly with us? Send us a message on WhatsApp at +250 788 310 999    


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