Western culture influence is major cause of single mothers

Editor, RE: “The thorns and roses of single motherhood” (The New Times, August 4).


RE:The thorns and roses of single motherhood” (The New Times, August 4).


Personally, I think the western cultures have contributed so much in what we see today as single parents. Of course, I know there are some unavoidable causes such as death, fathers neglecting their parental roles, and a few isolated cases like long-term imprisonments.


However, the most common causes of single motherhood today include lack of respect for men, love for material lifestyle, poor upbringing (lack of role models in families).


On the men’s side, truth be told that majority have lost a fatherly image and have taken marriage for granted. I have had friends with different ladies but still cannot commit to one life partner. What encourages them are things like available income to dispose; sometimes these girls are only interested in money but do not think twice if a man is really serious.

Ladies have gone an extra mile to date married men yet they are well aware of the man’s status so when things happen...a man will go back to his wife.

In conclusion, both ladies and gents whose first relationships were disappointing end up losing trust and interest in marriage.


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