Over 100 to exhibit at 'Umuganura'

About 106 companies are set to showcase their products during the National Harvest Day, locally known as Umuganura, due next Friday, August 5.

About 106 companies are set to showcase their products during the National Harvest Day, locally known as Umuganura, due next Friday, August 5.

The Minister for Sports and Culture, Julienne Uwacu, announced this, yesterday, at a news conference in Kigali ahead of the celebrations scheduled to take place at Nyanza Stadium in Nyanza District. 


Umuganura, an annual National Harvest Day derived from the Rwandan culture, is intended to bring together both the people  and their leaders as a symbol of humility, according to the minister.


She added that Umuganura, is based on good values to foster friendly interactions and sharing in families and communities.


Minister Uwacu said unlike in the past when mainly agricultural and livestock products were showcased, this time round there are various non-agricultural products to be showcased too.

 The products range from industries and ICT led development products, to other fabrications offering jobs, such as art crafts.

She noted that the ministry has partnered with public and private agencies to ensure a smooth and effective organisation of the event.

“We have a list of about 106 people and companies which will participate in the Open Day by exhibiting products,” she said.

“It will be an opportunity to explain to Rwandans what we have and also to help us know what we do not have yet it is needed. We expect ideas and advice on how to develop the available products from those who will attend the Open Day,” she said, adding that it is in line with promoting the ‘Made in Rwanda’ drive.

Umuganura festival has been combined with the Pan-African Dance Festival (FESPAD).

The minister said the two events have a relationship because they are both about culture, with FESPAD featuring culture of various African countries which promotes inter-cultural relations.

About 14 African countries have been invited for FESPAD.

The minister said during Umuganura and FESPAD each district will display particular cultural activities.

The celebrations will be carried out at the grassroots level in villages across the country.

The first day, August 1, will feature ceremonies that will be preceded by a  carnival (Umutambagiro) in the City of Kigali, and a concert at Amahoro National Stadium.

FESPAD will start at Amahoro National Stadium in Remera, Kigali on August 1, and later move to four selected districts outside the capital.

The districts that will participate include; Kayonza in Eastern Province, Musanze in Northern Province; Rusizi in Western Province and Nyanza in Southern Province; where FESPAD will be concluded on August 4.

On the same day, Nyanza District will host a cultural concert dubbed, ‘Nyanza Twataramye’ as part of the  closing ceremonies.

Meanwhile, on August 2 the ministry will host a consultative meeting with various government institutions and cultural experts on the role of culture in development.

The minister said the meeting will come up with resolutions to help shape the role of culture in Rwanda’s development.

There has been a problem of food shortages among many households due to long dry spell in some parts of the country mainly the Eastern Province.  

The Minister said Umuganura is a good opportunity to think about seeds and measures to avoid food shortages.

The theme of this year’s Umuganura is: Culture, the cornerstone of development.”


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