Artistes in civic education

At least 200 local artistes have begun a civic education course at Nkumba Peace and Leadership Training Centre in Burera District.

At least 200 local artistes have begun a civic education course at Nkumba Peace and Leadership Training Centre in Burera District. 

The weeklong training was organised by the Ministry of Sports and Culture in collaboration with National Itorero Commission.

The training is meant to give value to the artistes’ contribution in national development through their creativity.
Participants include musicians, artists, traditional dancers, actors, writers, poets, comedians, fashion designers, event organisers, photographers, among others.

Speaking to the media at ministry offices at Amahoro Stadium, Arlette Ruyonza, the in-charge of arts promotion at the ministry, said the training was organised to remind the artistes of their values in order to significantly contribute to the development of the country through their products.

“Civic education corrects, teaches and transforms. Artistes play a big role in the development of the country. They occupy a crucial place in building the image of the country. Their products have a big influence on human behaviour,” she said.

“Something produced without norms and values can affect behaviour. Actors in films, theatres and cinema disseminate crucial messages that can inspire society. Discipline and values should be the pillar for every Rwandan artiste. The training is an opportunity for them to share views and inspire one another to improve their careers.”

Ruyonza said the plan is to have all artistes attend Itorero.

Boniface Rucagu, the chairperson of National Itorero Commission, said artistes should recognise their responsibilities and position in society.

“Artistes should be characterised by moral values and discipline. Many people look up to them. After this training, we expect constructive products from them.” Rucagu said.

Rapper Joshua Tuyishime, aka Jay Polly, said he welcomed the training as it will help them learn from one another.

“We will acquire some lessons from this course. I thank the ministry that thought it necessary for us to attend civic education. We will discuss how to make the creative industry stronger,” Tuyishime said.

Mariya Yohana, a traditional musician, said the training would help the artistes enhance the message for their products.

The artistes will be trained by a group of 36 people from the Ministry of Sports and Culture and National Itorero Commission.


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