Who needs new roads?

There is a new super tarmac road that is nearing completion in my hood, in Kacyiru.

There is a new super tarmac road that is nearing completion in my hood, in Kacyiru.

But the downside to this otherwise welcome development is that not everybody in the hood is happy about the project. In fact, to say that “not everybody is happy” is to put it mildly as a few of these folks have openly exhibited raw anger at the road works.

I know what you are thinking: What would any sound-minded person have against the laying of a smooth track of bitumen road in their area code, except if this road threatens to eat up on their plot of land? If anything, for a road to cut through one’s plot of land is said to be a blessing in disguise and a lifetime opportunity many people wish for because of the fat compensation that is usually dished out by the roads authority to affected parties.

So why are some Kacyiru-ians opposed to the presence of NPD COTRACO Ltd in their hood –doing what it does best? Well, the reason is quite interesting, so I’ll save it for last. Sorry you have to wait and read on to the end because good things only go to those who wait.

In the meantime, let’s deal loosely with NPD COTRACO because I never seem to get over an urge to mention it at the slightest opportunity. And every time I open my mouth on the subject I’m always on point unlike when I’m talking about Knowless (both the singer and the beer) and Amag the Black and his song, Nyabarongo, and Kanda Amazi of DJ Pius.

One of the things I like most about NPD is actually the name itself. NPD COTRACO indeed sounds like a place where well-built and tough-muscled men work with rock, stone, concrete and tar to create miles and miles of flawless road.

When these thickly built and tough-muscled men are out in the field for work, the first thing they do is to erect wooden notices warning stray traffic to keep off:

“NPD cotraco at work.” Actually until recently, as recently as two weeks ago, I knew this to be the official name of this company. The result of this lapse in judgment on my part is that the true name, NPD COTRACO Ltd no longer appeals to my auditory senses. “NPD COTRACO AT WORK” sounds much better.

And lest I forget, the reason we Kacyiruans are opposed to the new road is because “it will make landlords to force us to pay more”.