Top A-Level performers share success stories

David Mwesigwa scored 73/73 in History, Economics and Geography, and attributes his success to hard work, team work and prayers. Mwesigwa wants to become an economist.
Mwesigwa (L) and Karamuzi. (T.Kisambira)
Mwesigwa (L) and Karamuzi. (T.Kisambira)

Mwesigwa owes it to prayer

David Mwesigwa scored 73/73 in History, Economics and Geography, and attributes his success to hard work, team work and prayers. Mwesigwa wants to become an economist. The 21-year-old urged parents to remain supportive of their children if they are to realise success. Mwesigwa’s guardian Johnson Karamuzi, who is a teacher, said they expected him to excel.

Success came as a surprise to Kwizera

Donata Kwizera, who did Biology Chemistry and Geography at Cornerstone Leadership Academy in Rwamagana, wants to be a doctor like her parents.

Kwizera and her parents.

“I did not expect to perform this well because examinations were hard much as I had ever been awarded as the best girl in Kanombe by the Imbuto Foundation,” Kwizera said.

Health is a family profession as Kwizera’s father Georges Ntakiyiruta, and mother Beata Mukarugwiro, who received the news from The New Times about the good performance of their daughter from their Kicukiro home, are both doctors.

Idufashe wants to be a doctor

Hope Florence Mizero (L) and Eddy Idufashe at The New Times offices yesterday. (John Mbanda)

Eddy Idufashe, a former student of Cornerstone Academy and one of the best performers in Chemistry and Biology, wants to be doctor. He attributes his success to mindset and team work, adding that being in the boarding section helped him to concentrate on books.

Masengesho eyes the media

Fred Masengesho, who emerged fourth-best candidate nationwide in languages, wants to become a media professional in the future.

Masengesho at work.

Masengesho did EKK combination at College du Christ Roi de Nyanza, has been doing menial jobs during his vacation. He attributed his success to discipline and focused studies. “I had to be focused in my studies, and when you are disciplined, you can achieve your goals,” he said.

Aristide Niyomugenga wants to be an architect

“I was at home with my mom when I heard on radio that A-Level results were out. I rushed to the Internet and found that I had scored 73. I was delighted,” Niyomugenga said, attributing her success to discipline, hard work and good advice from people.

Niyomugenga wants to study civil engineering or architecture. The former student of Groupe Scolaire Officiel de Butare (currently known as Indatwa n'Inkesha School) did Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM).

Best A-Level female in languages credits purpose-driven studies

Redempta Asifiwe, the best female candadiate in language combination, attributes her success to purpose-driven studies.

 Asifiwe and her father Jean Niyonzima

“While studying, I had in mind that I want to perform well. I was only confident in the way I did my exams,” she said.

Asifiwe is grateful to her parents and teachers. She did English, Kiswahili and Kinyarwanda (EKK) at College Christ Roi de Nyanza, in the Southern Province.

Munyakayanza was a fees defaulter

Antoine Munyakayanza, a former student of Collège Christ Roi de Nyanza, got aggregate 70.

He was inspired by his elder brother who studied with enthusiasm and focus. He also credits his success to teachers he said offered him helpful advice to excel.

“I was curious to know my marks, I was in a room and when I heard on radio that the results had been released, I grabbed my phone and surfed on the Internet. Realising I had good grades, I knelt down and praised the Almighty God,” he said.

He said hard work, clear determination to succeed and a never give up attitude are among the factors that contributed to his good performance. The 18-year-old said he was a regular fees defaulter and was often sent home for fees.

“My parents would tell me, ‘we are doing our best to ensure you study, be determined to succeed’ and I did my best to satisfy them.”

“My first choice is business studies to be able to run lucrative business. I also want to be a famous film or drama actor to contribute to the development of film industry in the country.

Mizero eyes medicine

Mizero at The New Times offices in Kigali yesterday. (John Mbanda)

Hope Florence Mizero, a former student of Cornerstone Leadership Academy in Rwamagana District, was overwhelmed with joy upon receiving a call from her mother informing her of her success.

The news found her at her internship place where she has been working as a mentor in leadership and character during her vacation.

The 18-year-old, who scored 73/73 in Biology, Chemistry and Geography combination, said hard work with support from her parents and teachers contributed to her success.

“I prayed for blessings in my studies every day and now I am very excited. I am also grateful to my mother and father for their unending support,” Mizero said.

Mizero added that, while at school, her teachers did everything to make sure that they pass. She eyes becoming a health practitioner and believes by doing so, she can positively influence lives in the health sector.