Christopher wows Valentine lovebirds at Agatima concert

It was a perfect evening for lovers as singer Christopher Muneza put up wonderful performances during his ‘Agatima’ concert on Valentine’s Day.
Christopher performs on Saturday. (Courtesy)
Christopher performs on Saturday. (Courtesy)

It was a perfect evening for lovers as singer Christopher Muneza put up wonderful performances during his ‘Agatima’ concert on Valentine’s Day.

Once again, the RnB singer proved his worth as he attracted a full house in a concert put together by Kina Music, the music label he belongs to with East African Promoters providing the sound and lighting.

The 20-year-old, backed by fellow artistes including Knowless, Tom Close and Jules Sentore, put up a great show in a concert that was mainly attended by couples that were openly celebrating their love life.

Producer Clement Ishimwe looked to be the man in charge of the proceedings while comedian Arthur Nkusi was the official host.

The former Big Brother housemate and Kiss FM presenter occasionally cracked jokes in between to the delight of the audience.

Jules Sentore, one of the performers, described Christopher as his best friend, and wowed the audience performing his Mumara Nyota, Kora Akazi and Udatsikira hits, among other songs.

Knowless performed for close to an hour, belting out her songs including Sweet Mutima, Baramushaka, Tulia and Nzabampari among others.

At some point, an enthusiastic male fan presented her with a Valentine’s gift, in form of a teddy bear, which she accepted as she performed a mixture of her songs and some good oldies.

At about 9:20p.m, Christopher arrived on stage with a guitar in hand, and opened his act with his love ballad Uwomunsi as he kicked off a performance that lasted more than one hour.

The singer performed several songs including Ndabyemeye, Habona and Babyumva, among others. He mixed in other compositions such as All of Me by John Legend as well as some good oldies from Rwanda and Burundi, which were clearly loved by the audience.

Christopher invited Tom Close, who he fondly spoke of as his elder brother, before they performed Ndumugabo Uhiriwe; and then called Knowless back on stage to perform their duet Wowe which got many people on their feet to cheer about the intimacy with which they performed it.

But Christopher was quick to clear the air by indicating that he considers Knowless as a ‘sister’ as the audience insisted that the two looked a perfect match.

“It was a perfect show on a Valentine’s Day. The band and back-up was top notch and all the performers did not disappoint. We enjoyed the evening to the fullest,” said Brigitte Uwicyeza, one of the show goers.

Producer Clement of Kina Music, who organised the show, said Agatima concert turned out to be ‘fantastic’ and showcased the immense potential of Christopher as a musician.

“It was a vibrating show and the audience turned up in big numbers than I expected. This is a sign that people appreciate what we do,” he said, adding that his next step is to take musicians under his label on a regional tour.
On his part, Christopher said that he was left without words after seeing the way people turned up, adding that he was inspired to work even harder.

“I was completely overwhelmed. The show was really beyond my expectations. I loved the audience because they were jolly and appreciative,” Christopher said, adding that he will be releasing his new song called Urubavu this Friday and that Agatima video would be out soon.

The show, which started at 7:30p.m, ended at 10:50p.m as the Kina Music crew headed out to celebrate the success of the concert.