Dieudonne could face sanctions from RNOC

The Rwanda National Olympic Committee (RNOC) is set to sanction Dieudonne Disi for failure to account for the Olympic Solidarity funds.

The Rwanda National Olympic Committee (RNOC) is set to sanction Dieudonne Disi for failure to account for the Olympic Solidarity funds.

The national Olympic body president, Ignace Beraho said that Disi’s failure to account for part of the funds he received from the Olympic Solidarity Committee could result in sanctioning him from representing the country in any of the world championships including next year’s Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

“Disi has gone away from his country’s mission.

He was sent to Europe to train for the Olympic Games but he has taken this chance to compete in various European road races instead of focusing on his original mission of making a thorough preparation for next year’s Olympic Games,” Beraho said,

Before adding that he is not convinced whether Rwanda’s leading long distance runner is actually preparing for the Olympics or just ‘busy making money in Europe.’

Beraho further added that Disi failed to name both his manager and coach (preferably chosen by RNOC)
Meanwhile, the International Olympic Committee has frozen its sponsorship to the 27-year-old ahead of the Olympic Games.

The international Olympic body through their Olympic Solidarity Fund arrangement cut-off his sponsorship.

According to RNOC boss, the money was frozen due to the athlete’s failure to account for the money he used for the last quota.

“Disi has failed to account for the money he received for the last quote (which is three months), something that has forced the international body (IOC) to stop his sponsorship,” said the veteran administrator.

Beraho further added that Disi is on the verge of ruining his career just like Mathius Ntawukuriryo; Rwanda’s former champion did in late 1990’s before he abandoned the sport.

“Ntawukuriryo never sought guidance and advice and did his things alone but never lasted for long.

It is the same way Disi is behaving and he also risks the same effects,’ Beraho prophesized.

Disi is supposed to get $19.000 (about Frw10.5M) from the IOC’s Olympic Solidarity Fund to facilitate his preparations for next year’s Olympic Games.

However, the 27-year old runner has attributed the surprise development to the misunderstanding between himself and the National Olympic Committee.

Disi said recently that despite RNOC’s lack of interest in supporting him, he is set to make an official accountability of the money he used for the last quota in the interest of solving the long-standing bad blood between him and RNOC, particularly with Beraho.

“How can he (Beraho) be interested in this sponsorship anyway? Like any other country’s national Olympic committee president, he should at least find ways of solving the problem instead of rushing to sanction the withdrawal of my sponsorship,” Disi angrily said.


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