Don’t waste King Faisal, donate to the less fortunate

Editor,I am writing in connection with what I saw recently at King Faisal Hospital.

I am writing in connection with what I saw recently at King Faisal Hospital.

As I was taking my child to the Hospital for treatment I happened to see a friend of mine who was standing just behind a big table on the ground floor.

As I talked to him I saw people with scissors cutting some nice bedcovers in to small pieces.

When I asked why they were cutting up the bedcovers I was really shocked when the gentleman told me that they were cutting them up because they (the bedcovers) were no longer in use.

They were cutting them up to get burnt!
I didn’t have a lot of time so I couldn’t continue the conversation but the wanton destruction of the bedcovers, which still looked good enough to be used, left me with feelings of shock.

There are people who would have loved to have such bedcovers, why in the world would the management of King Faisal Hospital not donate those bedcovers to the poor?

They could have simply washed them clean, ironed them and then donate them.

I simply beg the Management of King Faisal Hospital that, the next time they have things to dispose of, instead of cutting them up and simply burning them up, they should consider donating them. That is, of course if they aren’t diseased or anything of the sort.

I send the same message to all the hotels and restaurants in this country.

Please think first and donate to the poor instead of throwing food or clothes away.

Concerned Rwandan.
Name withheld on request