Experience paramount

Enough experience at international level will be the overriding factor when the new Amavubi Stars head coach is being selected.

Enough experience at international level will be the overriding factor when the new Amavubi Stars head coach is being selected.

The new man in charge of the national football team is expected to be announced before the end of this month (October 22 to be specific, if Ferwafa and Mijespoc’s earlier pronouncements are anything to go by).

Talking to Times Sport by telephone, Jules Kalisa, Ferwafa’s CEO emphasized the need to hire a coach with better knowledge of football at national team level.

He said, “First and foremost, he (new coach) must be a good coach with enough experience at international level.”

“Not only that, but we are also looking for someone with a clean track record (of personal behavior on and off the field), a man who would be able to command a father-figure position around the team.

“You (referring to the aspiring candidates) could be a good coach with lots of experience but without good manners, we don’t want  such people.

We’re looking for someone who possesses the three aspects,” he the football federation Chief Executive Officer noted.

And also, Kalisa stressed, the appointing body will not break the bank in a bid to tempt a new coach.

Quoting some figures to illustrate his point Kalisa noted, “We don’t want a man who going to ask for unrealistic wages.”

Issues regarding to national team coach’s transactions including his monthly wages have always been treated with a high degree of confidentiality and the situation will probably remain the same with whoever (new coach) will be give the job.

Full support
Kalisa noted that the new coach, without any doubt, will receive full support from his bosses who include Ferwafa and the Sports ministry.

“Of course we want a coach who would be able to lead the team to success with our full support,” he emphasized.

In the past, national team coaches have on a number of occasions complained of not getting enough support from their bosses.

During the former regime of Maj. Gen. Ceaser Kayizari, both Djukovic Ratomir and then Roger Palmegren used to express their frustration with their bosses.

The trend continued into the current administration of Brig. Gen. John Bosco Kazura with the outgoing coach Michael Ness complaining about similar circumstances as his predecessors.

Nees may have been a poor choice for the Amavubi job in the first place but his cause wasn’t helped whatsoever by persistent lack of support (as he used to grumble) from the Ferwafa administrators.

If you asked him right now what led him to fail in his mission, he will straight away tell you the same (lack of support from his bosses).

New coach to be in charge for Cecafa
According to Ferwafa, the new coach will be announced not later than Monday, October 22 and will start work immediately.

The new season (2007/08) is scheduled to kick off November and Kalisa confirmed that the new coach would have “enough” time to pick his team after watching a number league games.

The Cecafa/Al Amoudi Challenge Cup is slated for December 8-22 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Rwanda finished third at last year’s edition held in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.
FA still silent

Meanwhile, Ferwafa have remained tightlipped about the list if candidates for the Amavubi Stars coaching job.

Federation officials as well as those in the Sports ministry have steadily declined to reveal the names of candidates aspiring for what has turned out to be hot seat since Ratomir quit after steering Rwanda to her debut Nations’ Cup in 2006.


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