Alpha Rwirangira and Conceptual Creations are in good terms


This letter is related to the Rambling Mind article that was published in the Sunday Times last week. His topic concerned Tusker Project Fame3 winner, Alpha Rwirangira.
The author of the column alleged that Conceptual Creations were culpable of printing Alpha branded t-shirts ahead of his home coming, without his permission.

We are proud to have been the first people in Rwanda to think about printing ‘Alpha-branded’ t-shirts with the aim of showing the young star how proud Rwandans were of him as well as promoting him.

However, I would like to reiterate that at no point did  Alpha Rwirangira and Conceptual creations have any disagreements on the selling of his T-shirts.

Instead Alpha was amazed that we could come up with such an idea and instead of complaining as the writer implied, he even suggested providing a better quality product that would meet even the upper market in Rwanda.

The two parties i.e. Alpha Rwirangira’s spokesman and Conceptual Creations met and discussed the rumors thereby dismissing any allegations of a fall out.

We, as Rwandans, are proud of Alpha. This is not a time for criticism or heresy for that matter. We should all hope for the best for him. He did us proud so let us do him proud as well.

At his thanksgiving show at the B club, Alpha took a minute or two to appreciate the work done by Conceptual Creations of printing the T-shirts, urging every reveler at the club to buy them in order to promote him.

He did the same at Planet Club during the Satellite Magazine Alpha Party.

This means that his words and actions conflict with the writer’s opinion.

Conceptual Creations therefore takes this opportunity to, once again, congratulate Alpha Rwirangira for the hard work and doing Rwanda Proud.

All the best Alpha.

Marketing and Communications Manager
Ciru kang’ong’oi

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