Kibonge meets his match on Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day came and went. There was nothing for me to rejoice, especially since I got the boot from my boss. 

Valentine’s Day came and went. There was nothing for me to rejoice, especially since I got the boot from my boss. 

I was sacked because I went to Buja and came back empty-handed. Instead of coming back to Kigali with a file full of signed ICT contracts, I carried a head full of pounding headaches due to excessive drinking.


So, I am back in Kigali sweating as I attempt to look for another job. And that is why I spent Valentine’s Day at home reminiscing about the good old funny days. One of the recollections that visited me relates to an incident when an old colleague of ours faced double trouble on a Valentine’s special over 10 years ago. His name was Kibonge. 


Kibonge thought it was time for him to become a total man. That is why he decided to propose to a young lady on Valentine’s night. Kibonge had bought a real bottle of red wine whose name I can hardly pronounce. When I tried to pronounce the name of this sophisticated drink, I ended up chewing my tongue.


I still feel the pain from those tongue wounds! Kibonge also brought along a vase of red roses. He then enclosed a diamond ring and started practicing on how to propose.

He turned on his TV set to watch the Oprah Winfrey show. After several lectures from Oprah on how to propose to a lady, Kibonge set off for his mission. 

I understand that his mission started off quite well at a cozy joint here in Kigali. Kibonge and his girlfriend enjoyed the cool breeze and some romantic music in the background. At the opportune moment, Kibonge pulled out the vase of red roses. “This is for you my special valentine”. Before his girlfriend could absorb it in, Kibonge pulled out the bottle of red wine. The girl was getting overwhelmed.

Then the real moment arrived. Kibonge pulled out the engagement ring. It was now time to break the ice. Kibonge was on the verge of proposing. But just as he prepared to kneel down before his chick, pandemonium ensued.

From nowhere, another tough looking girl came marching towards Kibonge. Before Kibonge could duck backwards, the intruder gave him a hot slap on his right cheek. “How dare you treat me like this? Did you not promise to be my valentines? Where is my engagement ring?” 

Kibonge was in trouble. He had arranged to please one girl at the expense of another. Now Mr. Valentine was losing both of them. As his first girlfriend picked her handbag to flee in tears, she made sure that justice was done. That is why she also gave Kibonge a hot slap. This time it was on his left cheek. Talk about double trouble!

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