I am more disciplined than most people imagine - Anita Pendo

Anita Pendo is certainly not new to many of us. We have listened to her on morning radio shows, seen her on stage and even night clubs – she is a deejay, emcee, dancer, actress, radio presenter and soon, TV presenter.
Anita Pendo
Anita Pendo

Anita Pendo is certainly not new to many of us. We have listened to her on morning radio shows, seen her on stage and even night clubs – she is a deejay, emcee, dancer, actress, radio presenter and soon, TV presenter.

She is hard working and energetic and will take risks where necessary.

Pendo is among the few females in Rwanda who can multi-task with commitment. She wakes up at 6am, works day and night and usually goes to sleep at 3am… and she is not complaining.

Pendo was born in February, 1986 in Mengo, Uganda. Together with her family, they returned to Rwanda in August, 1994.

She is the first born of seven children born to Syprien Mpabuka and Apophia Mukampabuka. She was raised by her widowed mother but also stayed with her grandmother.

She says she learned to be responsible when she was young after she lost her father.

“Since I was the first born in my family and my father was dead, I had to wake up and look for ways to move forward. I never thought about the fact that I was just a child, but I focused on what I could do. I wanted to be independent and live on my hard earnings.”

The Mass Communication student at Mount Kenya is quite admirable, for she is determined and courageous. She is a very resourceful woman unlike some other women who prefer to spend most of their time gossiping.  She prefers to spend her time talking about business projects.

The way she is perceived isn’t the way she is. Some people believe that she uses drugs to enhance her performances.

“Those who know me very well are my family and close friends. They used to fight for me every time someone abused or disrespected me. They will never believe such lies because they know me very well.”

“I always try to stay disciplined. To achieve my goals, I don’t need someone behind controlling me because I know what I want. That is the Anita Pendo many people do not know. I am more disciplined than most people imagine. Besides that, I was born and raised in a Christian home.”

“I do not use drugs; I have never taken beer either. I believe that drugs can prematurely end a person’s career, so I stay away. I am sure that my future gets brighter every day.  I am still far from where I want to reach so I cannot put my life in danger.”

Pendo says that drugs have no vision; they tire you and you cannot do anything successfully. And that’s the beginning of a dull future.

She insists that she has no time to waste and that she has to work very hard to survive.

Asked about her ability to juggle all her duties, Pendo says that there is a need to manage her schedule. “I still have a lot to achieve in life. In the morning, I work at the radio station from 6am to 10am, then after I go for rehearsals with the Mashirika troupe. I then go to the night club to spin discs and I finish at 3am and go home.”

According to Pendo, since her mum is a widow, she has to help with her dependant siblings. “I want to be a role model so that anyone tempted to give up can get motivated by me and keep going. I still have very many things to do. I am at 80% - I want to be internationally known. I want to have my own entertainment company and focus on women with talent.”

The charismatic deejay says women lack confidence and that is why they are left behind sometimes. “Chances and opportunities are there, they should not slip away. We have to work very hard. We need to have discipline even when others do not know it and avoid drugs. We must have friends who are important to us rather than waste time gossiping about others.

During her spare time, 27-year-old Pendo watches comedies and calls friends over. She likes milk tea and an occasional Fanta Fiesta. She also takes time to observe what others do because there is a lot to learn from them.

She looks up to the First lady, Jeannette Kagame, and Hope Azeda, the Artistic Director, Mashirika Theatre. “I respect their focus on women and how they are striving to take us higher. Women need support to move forward.” 

When it comes to future plans, Pendo insists on international status. “I want be known internationally. I would like the world to know that there is more to Rwanda than genocide.

Pendo is not married but does have a boyfriend, David, a music producer.

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