I sometime use toothpaste on pimples, says Télé 10 news anchor Mbabazi

Celebrated news anchor at Télé 10, Fiona Mbabazi, has an extremely tight work schedule but she maintains a flawless body. Collins Mwai including how she uses toothpaste to ensure that her face is without blemish.

Celebrated news anchor at Télé 10, Fiona Mbabazi, has an extremely tight work schedule but she maintains a flawless body. Collins Mwai including how she uses toothpaste to ensure that her face is without blemish.

The cold and rainy weather is taking no prisoners, how do you ensure that it doesn’t stop you from airing news because of a sore throat or flu?

At times I use multi vitamins supplements. Multi-vitamins help cover for the nutrient deficiency in food and provide recommended intake of nutrients which protect the body from diseases.

If by chance I catch a cold or have a sore throat and I have to get on air the following day, I use a mixture of lemon, honey, garlic and warm water as remedy. I avoid medication for slight illness to avoid chemical deposits.

I also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamin and help the body in building immunity.

Your face seems flawless at a time when young ladies are employing skin lightening creams to enhance their looks. What’s your secret?

I use moisturisers, toners, cleansers but I have never used lightening creams. Using lightening creams diminishes your skin; it not only makes your skin dependent on the creams but also leaves behind ugly evidence of it’s use like reddish patches. It also makes one more prone to sun burns and thickening of the skin.

But you get mosquito bites and pimples once in a while, how do you see to it they do not affect you at work?

At times you can’t avoid pimples and insect bites. When I have a pimple and I will be on air the following day, I rub toothpaste on it, come the following morning it is gone.

You work close to nine hours a day and fatigue could easily show, how do you rejuvenate?

At times after working long hours, I take breaks where I either listen to music or do something that keeps my mind off work. I don’t take energy boosters unless I am close to ‘breaking’. Coffee too is not on my list of beverages, I prefer plenty of water to keep me rejuvenated. In a day I take close to three litres of water, that’s probably what keeps me rejuvenated.

You have quite an athletic or model figure, how much work goes to make it so?

For exercise, I swim at least four times a month. Swimming is a good form of exercise as it exercise the whole body, from the arms, to the legs to giving you a healthy pulse rate. It is also refreshing. I also dance a lot; rumba, salsa and aerobics. They are good because they not only get your mind off things but also increase your flexibility and burn calories without strain. Once in a while I also practice yoga when I have a trainer. Yoga is probably the best form of exercise one could participate in; it has benefits which range from flexibility to mental peace.

I don’t go to the gym as my schedule doesn’t allow, instead I take flights of stairs both at home and at work and also do push-ups and sit-ups at least thrice a week.

Any exercise you wish you had more time for?

Yes, jogging. I rarely have the time to go jogging; it is one of the best self-administered exercises one would participate in. When you jog, you increase your endurance capacity, burn calories fast and maintain good heart rates which few exercises achieve.

Going by your model figure, do you even eat? What foods do you avoid?

(Laughs) Actually, I do though at times I am a poor feeder. I avoid fatty foods not only because of the fats deposits to the body but also because they could cause bursts and swelling to your face.

That however doesn’t mean I don’t like fries and burgers. Most of my food has lots of vegetables in it. I also enjoy carrot juice, tomato juice and beetroot juice, which are nutritious and purely natural.

I prefer white meat as opposed to red meat. White meat has lesser calories and is easier for the body to break down.

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, an occasional glass of wine is not harmful, however over consumption and mixing several types of alcohol is risky.

Any downside of having a figure like yours?

In any African society there is a bit of pressure with people commenting and asking why you are too ‘skinny’ or why you starve yourself. It could easily cause you to feel uncomfortable about your body size, but at some point it is important to be comfortable with your body size and stop comparing yourself with others.

Hair hygiene is a salient issue for women in your career, how do you maintain yours?

Hair is one of the components that not only portray ones beauty but also hygiene. Hair should be washed regularly to keep it free of dandruff. I have mine done at least twice a week.

Are you one of the many Rwandans using over-the0counter medication?

I only use over-the-counter drugs for painkillers and other ‘easy’ medication like lozenges for sore throats. When symptoms persist I consult a qualified physician. Most times I avoid pills and go for home-made remedies as they are natural and I don’t have to be worried about chemical deposits into my body.

Do you take medical check-ups?

I do, at least once or twice a year. It is important that one has a check-up done because it make it easy for physicians to detect any illness early enough and also advise you on what to stay away from.

Health tips you live by?

Check your alcohol consumption, both quality and quantity. I would also urge anyone looking to stay healthy to be conscious of what they eat, don’t take in more calories than you can burn, and avoid fatty foods.

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