I hate people who...

The rate at which people with smart phones and tablets are spoiling weddings makes me feel like I should boycott my own wedding. Don’t pretend you do not know them.

…spoil special moments thinking they are photographers. The rate at which people with smart phones and tablets are spoiling weddings makes me feel like I should boycott my own wedding. Don’t pretend you do not know them.

I am talking about those annoying fools who block the general view of the guests by crowding around taking lousy photos with their lousy phones and lousy tablets.


What is more annoying is that there is already a hired photographer for that job and so these jokers are just there to block and add no value to the function by bending dangerously in front of others. If you can’t take pictures from your seat then do not come for the wedding. 


…rush to answer their phones dangerously. I wish it was ok for me to slap people who don’t know what an emergency is.


Answering a normal phone call from your friend does not count as one. I just don’t understand why someone would run so fast and jump over furniture just to answer a phone call. If you were expecting an important call you should have the phone next to you.

The other day some joker rushed to pick up a phone and in the process tripped and banged his teeth on some furniture. By the time he started talking I was not sure whether it was him or Mike Tyson.  

…think all mistakes can be corrected with money. I have heard the customer care song being sang over and over but sometimes you wonder whether people are listening. Take for example the brainless fellow at one restaurant who took my money for an order for two only to serve me just one order.

I reminded the joker that I had paid earlier for two packages and the joker had the guts to open the cash drawer and give me the money for the second order. I reminded the joker that I had come there for food not money.

Now such people do not even deserve to be trained on how to handle customers, they need to be taken to a new planet that has no trace of human life.   

…assume I am a part time mechanic or assistant. If you have ever travelled in an old vehicle then I am sure you will understand what I am talking about here. I am really sick and tired of drivers of old cars that break down at the slightest opportunity.

Once the old rickety Japanese-made piece of scrap breaks down the driver expects me to quickly transform myself from a passenger to a mechanic or assistant. No do not ask me to push the car. I paid to get home not to do gym work.

How in the world do these old cars pass that ‘control technique’ business that the traffic police guys keep talking about anyway?

…narrate other people’s lives while using public transport. I even feel filthy having to write about these people as part of my job. Imagine having to tell your wife or children that you were busy working yet you were writing about the disgusting people who on entering a commuter taxi go ahead to narrate the life of another person who is not in the same car.

I know a filthy woman who spent the whole time in the taxi talking about a lady married to a guy who works with a certain big company and is having trouble conceiving. I honestly felt the urge to hit her head with a piece of the car engine. Who gives birth to such lunatics seriously? 

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