Striving for heroism, building a better future for all

One of our most precious asset as a people is our heritage-the experiences, tradition and culture, that have molded us over the years into who we are and what we are. It includes the struggles that we endured, the triumphs we earned and the wisdom we gained to confront the challenges of tomorrow.

One of our most precious asset as a people is our heritage-the experiences, tradition and culture, that have molded us over the years into who we are and what we are. It includes the struggles that we endured, the triumphs we earned and the wisdom we gained to confront the challenges of tomorrow.

Today, we celebrate National Heroes Day and focus especially on the role our national heroes played in our evolution as a nation. As we celebrate let’s take a moment of reflection and give thanks for the life and works of our Heroes. Let us draw from them the inspiration that will cause us to recommit ourselves to the building of our beloved nation, the advancement of our people and the attainment of justice, peace and prosperity.


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