Celebrating the UN at 69

The large room had several strategically placed round, high, white-clothed tables with pretty flowers on top. It was a typical setting for a cocktail.

The large room had several strategically placed round, high, white-clothed tables with pretty flowers on top. It was a typical setting for a cocktail.

A place to mingle freely between tables, or stop briefly when you needed a place to perch your glass while you dug into the tasty bitings: chicken wings, cubed cheeses, meat skewers and delectable pastries.


The guests were the Who’s Who of Kigali: government Ministers, ambassadors, Heads of Agencies, CEOs, Diplomats (including those of the cloth from The Vatican) and invited guests. A stage, filled with musical instruments, microphones and later, stylishly dressed youth, provided a sneak preview of what was to come.

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