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Security and risk management have become of paramount importance to individuals, corporations and governments. The KK Security Regional Manager (Rwanda, Burundi and Congo DRC) Eddy K.

Security and risk management have become of paramount importance to individuals, corporations and governments. The KK Security Regional Manager (Rwanda, Burundi and Congo DRC) Eddy K. Sebera, explains why with increased threats ranging from extremist groups to the usual criminal activities experienced in major cities and towns and stricter legislation on health & safety and the environment, there has emerged an urgent need for better understanding of the risk environment and the options available to manage the risks.

KK Security with its time-honoured experience in East and Central Africa since 1967, added to its strong understanding of the environment brings security solutions tailored to client’s requirements.

From the Manning Guards to more sophisticated security solutions coupled with strong management support, KK Security is today one of the market leaders in the provision of Guard and Alarm Services in Kigali and throughout Rwanda.


Our clients are mainly Diplomatic Missions, NGO’s, International Organization, Corporate Organizations, Government Institutions, Private Clients, Office Block and Residences.


Services and products


KK Security remains the leader in technological security solutions by providing a wide range of security solutions and risk assessments. Our expertise goes far beyond the traditional Manned Guarding to more expertise oriented in Health & Safety, Electronic Security Solutions, Security Consultancy, Security Risk Assessment, Fire and First Aid with our internationally accredited training teams.


KK Security has the specialist skills to help customers develop the strategies to minimize risks.

We offer a non bureaucratic, accessible management team that has the knowledge, skills and experience to provide specialist and technical expertise to meet all your security requirements.

With a Management Team of 28 Professional Staff Members dedicated to Key Sensitive Areas of our Business and a Guard Force of over 1,300 Security Officers; we believe that KK Security can offer the sort of quality service that you would demand.


Apart from the Capital Asset that KK Security has accumulated over the past years, the company has developed its business using the latest technology in the security field.

KK Security Management Structure, its Supervision Methods, Selection, Recruitment and Training standards are second to none.

Geographical footprint

Since its inception in 1994, KK Security has grown its Branch and Service network to include remote projects in Butare, Gisenyi, Ruhengeri, Byumba, Cyangugu, Gitarama, Kibungo, Kibuye and Nyagatare.

Why KK

The KK Group provides a comprehensive range of Security Products, which have been fully tested and comply with the internationally recognized standards.

Central to our success is our after sales service. While we represent some of the finest products on the market and our staff is expertly qualified, customer confidence has been achieved by knowing we are always available to respond to emergencies. All of our products come with a warranty, which is backed by readily available technicians on the ground.

Security remains very fluid in all parts of the world; which present a challenge to professional companies emerging in the Security Sector. It requires constantly focusing and adjusting as the environment changes or when threats increase.

KK Security puts much of its effort to constantly focus and adjust its operations toward keeping a safe and secure environment to its clients.

Our pledge

It is easy to forget the basics of security for your own safety or for the protection of your property and sometimes the most obvious things get overlooked.

The loss or damage to personal possessions can be distressing and frustrating (not to mention costly) but the most important thing, which cannot be simply replaced, is you or your loved ones.

Maintaining a Safe and Secure Environment requires a strong partnership and trust between clients and its security provider.
We pledge our commitment to serving you diligently and thank you for your continued support.

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