President Kagame’s statements in Austria were thoughtful

Recently, in Austria, President Paul Kagame met local government representatives and others from Africa and the EU to discuss options for a future cooperation between the two continents.

Kagame’s various statements were brilliant and thoughtful.

In an interview with a large Austrian daily, President Kagame held the mirror up to the European Union “elites.”

He very accurately considered the European model of democracy inefficient. He said; why is there this failure in Europe? Because of democracy? If democracy means failure and allows crime to gain the upper hand, then I do not have to practice European democracy.

Confronted with the criticism of former US President Barrack Obama, that Rwanda changed the constitution so that he could stay in office longer, Kagame replied with razor-sharpness: should something be good or bad, just because Obama sees it that way?

In Germany, Angela Merkel ran for elections four times. But that does not bother anyone. Yes, and yes, Mr. President, how true!

Very true is also his view, that Europeans want to mold others according to their model.

The leaders of the European Union have monopolized the “European Values” – as if the values of Africa, Asia or the USA had no right to exist.

They impose on African countries what they have to think and how to organize their societies.

Patronisingly they distribute money and set shameless conditions in return. They send their brainwashed NGO-people to “educate“ locals and overturn them in their ways. I met some of them “in the field” in Rwanda and often found total ignorance and arrogance.

I have been visiting Rwanda for many years and traveled almost every corner by bus or moto: it has become my second home.

I sometimes feel safer in Rwanda than in some cities in Europe. I met wonderful people, got a warm smile and a friendly “mwiriwe”. In rural homes I was sometimes offered the only chair in the house - what a hospitality!

Everywhere, this Rwanda bears the hallmark of President Kagame. And I often wish, we had politicians of his calibre in Europe. So -  I hope the President stays in office for a long time - because I am convinced: Rwanda needs him!

The author is a freelance journalist for international media based in Austria.