New Vision should not allow itself to be RNC’s mouthpiece

If there were any doubts remaining that Ugandan government agencies are deeply enmeshed with the dissident group, Rwanda National Congress (RNC), it is time to discard them.

As said earlier, anything we have written within these pages regarding the current problems with Uganda have been accompanied by hard evidence; and they are not in short supply.

The latest is The New Vision interview with RNC chief propagandist, David Himbara who is also very closely linked the dissidents’ financer, TribertRujugiro.

As luck would have it, an audio recording of Himbara’s amateurish and comical interview was leaked. We are linking it on our website so that our readers judge for themselves.

In fact, there is more in the interview than was published, but the fact that it was conducted by Charles Etukuri who is known to be linked to Ugandan intelligence services, speaks volumes. RNC has found the perfect vessel to pass its propaganda and the vessel is just too willing to play along.

It was obvious from the recordings that the journalist was asking leading questions to get the intended answers, Sometimes it was Himbara controlling the flow of the conversation, even suggesting to the newspaper to interview the wives of people allegedly kidnapped by Rwandan authorities. To what end?

But to properly link the dots, shortly after or around the interview, some select Ugandan journalists were given a guided tour of Rujugiro’s tobacco plantations in Arua, northern Uganda. It does not need a nuclear scientist to deduce that all those antics are attempts to sanitise the tycoon and RNC. What a shame.