July 4 , 1994 marked a turning point for Rwanda

A monument at the Campaign Against the Genocide Museum at Parliament. The monument signifies the exceptional acts of bravery by RPA soldiers who stopped the Genocide against the Tutsi and liberated the country. /Urugwiro Village

Today, Rwanda marks 25  years of anniversary since her liberation from the brutal genocidal regime. This date marked a significant stride in turning the course of political events in our country.

The consequences of the war and genocide remained enormous and required further endeavors, commitment and resilience in ensuring peace and security of the country and its people.

Rwanda Defence Force did not hesitate to take up the task and this was based on the understanding of the real meaning of national liberation.

This day is not only a moment to celebrate the victory, but it also offers an opportunity for everybody to reflect on the past experience of our history to enable us create and enforce a better posture for eminent future challenges in the defence of our nation and its people.

Twenty-five years down the road, Rwanda Defence Force has unceasingly embarked on consolidating its various forms of resources to ensure the national sovereignty and integrity as well security of the people as per its core mandate.

The day further avails a moment to recall the sacrifices made for the liberation, recovery and prosperity of our country.

Rwanda Defence Force has for the past years, been actively participating in a number of socio-economic programs aimed at national transformation.

Participation in human security programmes initiated by the government is founded on the understanding of their role in ensuring sustainable Defence and security in the broader perceptive.

This has formed the rationale for the partnership with various government agencies in ensuring better livelihood of the citizens the force stands to defend.

The challenges encountered by Rwanda Defence Force over the years, have induced a spirit of more endurance and commitment to contain any undesirable attempt to disrupt the peace, security, development, order and stability the people have sacrificed for and built over the two decades.

With the prevailing stable situation in the country, support to, and cooperation with other stakeholders to ensure a long term prosperity of the nation shall be among RDF priorities as it is today and for years to come.

On this note, the Rwanda Defence Force and its leadership uphold the commitment to defend the country’s achievements, preserve cooperation with other institutions and the population to ensure the prosperity of Rwanda together as a nation.

Happy liberation day to all of us.

Gen Patrick Nyamvumba, RDF Chief of Defence Staff.

The views expressed in this article are of the author.



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