EDITORIAL:“Sankara”, or the myth that never was

They say that the days of a thief are numbered. The Swahili even have an exact number; 40. That seems to be the case of one hopeless daydreamer, Callixte Nsabimana who nicknamed himself after the revolutionary Burkinabe icon, Thomas Sankara.

Our locally produced “Sankara” had been the voice and face of a coalition of rag-tag armed groups operating in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo with the logistical support from Burundi and Uganda.

Just as he took on the name of “Sankara” with the misplaced belief it would automatically transmit to him revolutionary credentials, our megalomaniac conferred upon himself the rank of “Major”.

He claimed to be commanding an armed group that had attacked and occupied large areas of Southwestern Rwanda (Nyungwe forest) yet our paper tiger was rumoured to be lying low somewhere else. Of all the claims he made, one is true; he is in Rwanda, not on the frontline but in some comfortable RIB cell.

Now he will have to face his self-inflicted crime where a long jail term surely awaits him. Wasn’t he the one who declared publicly on BBC and Voice of America that they had successfully launched deadly raids in Rwanda?

That is the folly of many of the so-called opposition groups; inflated egos and childish fibs they share among themselves. From the comfort of their homes in several countries of exile, they lure or kidnap many poor peasants many of whom end up as cannon fodder.

The Nyungwe forest myth has died a natural painful death as it had been expected. It will be interesting to see what other fairytales they will come up with.