EDITORIAL: The youth need to uphold our heroes’ legacy

Today is Heroes’ Day, an annual commemoration of people who dedicated and sacrificed their lives in the service of the country. And God knows there is no shortage of heroes in this country; the bare fact that this country rose from the ashes is a heroic effort in itself.

Many of the people we celebrate today are long gone, but two monuments that make a lot of meaning today are the Nyange students who refused to be separated along ethnic lines and paid with their lives. They were in the prime of their youth.

Another tomb that will today also be honoured is that of the Unknown Soldier who symbolised the lives of those who laid down their lives liberating their country. They were also in the prime of their youth who believed in the popular morale-boosting saying that; “Matunda yako mbele” (literally meaning the “the fruits are up ahead”.

Today we are reaping the fruits of their youthful sacrifices. They were once living symbols that there was nothing a well-lead and supervised youth cannot achieve.

This year’s theme also points in that direction of inculcating in our youth the values of heroism and nurture a new generation of tomorrow’s leaders. A strong foundation has been built, the path is well beaten and the tools are in place.

Today the youth simply need to be pointed in the right direction and they will not lose their way. But they will have to put their best foot forward for the future of this country is in their hands.