EDITORIAL: When will they get off their high stools and get back to reality?

A France 24 journalist did not see it coming when she found herself on a head-on collision with “Who are you”?

President Kagame and European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, were being interviewed by the French Television station when Rwanda’s human rights record was called into question.

It is a question that always comes up and it never fails to befuddle that international organistions are quick to rally behind “quake” politicians caught on the wrong side of the law; all in the name of upholding freedoms.

How come not one human rights defender has come forward to question the issue of Rwandans who have been tortured and some continue to languish in grimy detention cells in a neighbouring country?

That is what ails all the big organisations out there; they can choose when to adopt a selective memory. That is holding us in low esteem by thinking that they have to think for us. They must be reading from the wrong script

As President Kagame told the journalist, most of those making noise have a superiority complex and think they have a monopoly of what is right or wrong, what should be done or avoided. To get back to the earlier question, “who are they indeed”?

One thing many international noisemakers have failed to learn; Rwandans and their leaders are not there to please them, they do things in their interests, no one else’s.

The earlier they learn to decipher that simple message the earlier they will cease flogging a dead horse as it is very tiring.